For New Zealand and All of Us

We cannot solve the world’s problems by turning toward them and trying to figure it out from there. We cannot wait for violence to stop to feel safe. We cannot say we love one group of people and not another. We cannot continue to divide ourselves between peace and hatred. The recent mass shooting in New Zealand is taking our attention once again and placing it on the outside in blame and fear. As the old Sixties song went: “When will we ever learn.”

I am sad today for the people of New Zealand and for all of us. I am also knowing that in my sadness is the knowing that we are all connected and will forever be. What happens to one of us or what happens to a group of people happens to all of us. We are one.

I am turning my sadness to peace and love right now, knowing that the more I can bring peace forward in my own being and life, the more it is felt in the world. We already know that when a group of people come together in meditative coherence that something happens. Perhaps today because of this incident more of us will come together in heart coherence and in peace. Haven’t we had enough?

It’s not going to stop until we stop it within ourselves. Let us know longer war with our own souls. Let us forgive everything. Let us live from that forgiveness and move into action. Let us walk our talk today and really reach out from within to others, even those that are the most difficult for us to love. We either love or we do not. We can’t have it both ways.

What happened in New Zealand is a reflection of the consciousness of the whole. We can take this experience and make ourselves better because of it or we can go the opposite way until we see more and more of the same.

I choose to continue to work on my own inner world and to assist those that come to me for assistance. I choose to inspire, love and work in the field of peace. I choose to be for something and against nothing. I choose to be an emissary of peace and to see peace wherever I go today.

I pray for the people of New Zealand and all of us. May we remember who we are and share this planet in love. May those who have been hurt, be comforted. May deep peace and love penetrate the chaos and bring understanding, compassion, love and support.

Today, Center for Spiritual Living Kaua’i will open its doors between 12:30pm and 4:30pm in peaceful meditation for the souls who lost their earthly lives due to this violent act and for all who are affected by it. We open our doors to everyone. We are one and we are all expressions of the One Life, the One Love, the One Divine Presence. 

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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