Philosopher? Initiate? Master? Which are You?

In his book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about moving from being a philosopher to an initiate to a master of your life. In the Science of Mind and Spirit, Dr. Ernest Holmes wrote, “I would rather see a student of this Science prove this Principle, than have him repeat all the words of wisdom that have ever been uttered. Dr. Holmes put together a lifetime of study of the wisdom of the ages in one philosophy with the purpose of us being able to practice it to create an amazing life for ourselves and become a beacon of light in this world. He called it a practical philosophy – The Science of Mind and Spirit.

Where are you on the road from Philosopher to Master? I’ve traveled this road all my life. I spent a great deal of time philosophizing and finding one ideology and then another and another. I spent a lifetime as a philosopher moving into the mind of the initiate. I’ll try this and I’ll try that, perhaps something will click. I wasn’t really doing it consciously, but it was my life. It was more than throwing the spaghetti against the wall, as I actually took the time to practice what was presented to me. It was definitely part of my spiritual evolution.

However, I didn’t find the thing that actually stuck, until I found the Science of Mind and Spirit. It is true for me because I can move out of the philosophy and actually apply it to life no matter what I am doing or what circumstance I find myself. I can prove that it is real and that it works. I believe this is because of one of its chief tenets, and that is that we are in charge of our destiny. We are creating the life we have, not by working in the world of form, but by using our minds constructively and lovingly. We can change our mind about anything and thus create a new experience.  It’s called New Thought.

However, it takes more than just thinking; it takes practice, but the practice is well worth the effort. Dr. Dispenza is offering the tools of a specialized meditation to do this. We use Spiritual Mind Treatment, affirmations, and, yes, meditation, too. We use visioning and visualization. So why is that so many of us that say we are practicing do not have the results we would like?

There is only one answer for me and that is we have stayed in the place of initiator and have not practiced long enough to become masters. If we say this doesn’t work, we are saying that we have not tried in the right way. Perhaps we’ve spent a lot of time trying to heal our bodies, or trying to get our jobs right, or creating more prosperity in our lives. I’m sure we have. But, have we been doing it backwards? Have we changed our mind first. Have we actually had a change of Mind or have we been dabbling and then running back out into the world of form and trying to fix it there.

I am growing and expanding everyday. I want to live at a higher level of consciousness, instead of being triggered by the mundane. I want to become a master of my mind. Ernest Holmes wrote that we were to prove that Spiritual thought force, was greater than material resistance. The only way to do this is to stop trying to resist the material and instead get into the Spiritual, unseen crevices of the most powerful tool we have – Consciousness.

Dr. Daniel Amen who wrote, Change Your Brain, Change Your Life, lets us know that if we have unhealthy brains, we will have unhealthy lives. Our brain is the doorway to our bodies, and our consciousness is the only thing that can change our brains.

We’ve been given an amazing life. We have everything we could ever require to succeed, to have love, to have prosperity, to have health, but we have to use the tools we have been given. We have to become a Master. We have to first accept that everything starts in the unseen, and then accept that we are in charge of that unseen, then we must work in that unseen through meditation, prayer and whatever other tools work for us. We must work until we get results. Life is an amazing experience. Dr. Joe calls it our “experiment with destiny.” That would be our destiny.

To those of us out there who feel low on energy or tired of trying, I just want to say that it isn’t about trying. It is about being. Starting right where we are, it is about being who we were born to be – Great! You are a “Divine idea in the mind of God.” Start by putting your arms around yourself, no matter what you are experiencing and let yourself know that you are doing a great job at life and that you are now ready to take the next step. You are ready to get to know your true self. The Universe is listening and it will respond.

There is magic inside of you waiting to be born. However, you have to go into labor first and not give up until your beautiful new life comes out into being. One day, I promise, you’ll walk up and say, “OMG I am living my dream. I am actually living my dream!”  It will seem like it happened suddenly, but really, it will be the result of the work of a person that was willing to accept, allow, know, trust, take action and then surrender and do it again and again.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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