Today is the Day My Mom Died

Today is the day my mom died, one year ago. Yes, I am using the word died; not transitioned or passed on. She actually died in the sense that she is no longer on this earth plane in the form that she was in. She left behind her earthly identity. It died.

However, the bigger story is that although her earthly identity died, her consciousness lives on. I know this is true because I can feel it. I cannot prove it to you nor can I show it to you. I just feel it and that is all I need to know.

I remember a story from the Bible when, after Jesus died on the cross, his followers were looking for him in his tomb. He wasn’t there and the messengers posted there said something like “Why do you look for him here? He has risen.”  When he later appeared in Spirit to Mary Magdalene, she didn’t recognize him because she was looking for the same Jesus she knew.

What I am finding about losing my mom in this earthly life and being able to find her again is that I cannot look for her in the same way. I can’t expect to see her as Clare Hertz Andriello-Trosclair. That person no longer exists. If I try to make contact with her that way, I come up against nothing. She has risen onto another plane, into a higher state of consciousness.

However, when I begin to talk to her through my feelings and thoughts I get my answers and I feel her love. Today, I felt a great sense of the need to forgive her, myself and everything surrounding my childhood. I think a lot of what I feel is the loss of not really knowing her. She was a very private person.

Today, I felt the great sense that she was prompting me to understand that in order to go on to my next step in this powerful life on this earth plane, forgiveness was the gateway. Without forgiveness, we are stuck in whatever realm we’ve locked ourselves into by not forgiving. When the doors of our hearts are closed, we are locked away from all that is good. My mom and I are opening up to forgiveness, the great treasure of the soul.

What does it mean to forgive? To me it doesn’t mean forgetting; it means to let go of the way I think things should have been and just realize they were exactly as they should have been. Everything in my life has been for me, even what is perceived as a difficult childhood.

I bless my mom today for being the vessel that brought me here. The last time I saw her, she kept telling everyone we met that I was her love child, that my dad just kissed her and out I came. I believe that is true; because when he kissed her and she fell in love, my path to get here was laid in the energetic field. They were both the perfect parents for me to evolve into my life on Planet Earth.

Just like all of us, the Energy that is my mom is pure love and light. I am knowing that all her heart’s desires in consciousness are met wherever that consciousness is right now. I am also knowing the Energy called Rita Andriello-Feren is pure love and light and that all her heart’s desires in consciousness are met wherever that consciousness is right now – which is right here.  I know this for all of us.

Have an amazing day, everyone!

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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