The God Tribe

The God Tribe is a growing group of people who know who they are, and they know who you are, too. Their quest is to finally remove all separation and duality from our thinking and to totally embody the energy of their true identity. That identity is God.

The word “God” brings with it all sorts of feelings from past ideas about this word – the man on the cloud, religion, dogma, and judgement, reward and punishment. However, what the God Tribe understands is that this is not who God is. God is not a person or a personality or a man or a woman. God is a Principle, a Presence. God is an Energy.

It is a Principle in that it functions through each one of us as Love and Law. It is a Presence in that it resides in each and everyone and everything equally. It is the Energy that is back of all things that we see and all things we do not see. God is the invisible made visible.

As little children, some of us learned that God is everywhere. We now understand that this was the Truth, although it was corrupted because it left all of creation out of that everywhere and everything. It left them as by-products of a deity. If God is everywhere and in everything, it would be reasonable to understand that God is therefore who each and everyone and thing is.

Why is it important  to the God Tribe to understand and embody this at this time in our planetary evolution? Well, it makes sense to us that in order to move into our next evolution which is evolution by conscious choice, we would need to understand that we are the creators of what happens next. We understand that it would be important not to put our power outside of ourselves. blaming others for what has occurred on this planet thus far. We are not victims and we are done with victimhood. We are powerful creators. We understand that we are all responsible for what has been and now have the opportunity to move forward by living a new consciousness of love and putting that into action.

We understand that God creates by becoming the thing it creates. If we want more love and peace in the world, then we must embody that love and peace. Everything starts in God’s mind which is the Mind that we all reside in. Our individuality is our use of this Mind.

Being a member of the God Tribe means taking a big responsibility for our lives and the life of this planet. It means that we understand that everything is up to us individually and collectively. We understand the ripple effect of our actions and our thoughts. We understand that what happens to one happens to all of us. We understand that it’s all up to us.

There are many who think we are not ready for this new Consciousness, of accepting our role as God. They think it is too much. They are taking care of those who might need to know this the most. The God Tribe feels it is time. We’ve been seeking God, trying to see him/her, asking, pleading and begging for a better experience. It’s worked up to a point, but it seems that we are still in the same dilemma we’ve found ourselves for eons.

The only answer the God Tribe has is to recognize who we are and start living from that place. It takes a step into the unknown, leaving behind everything we thought we were, taking responsibility for ourselves and our life, and knowing that right now in this present moment is the only moment. As we embody more and more of our God self, we believe that more and more is to be revealed and embodied. We’ll begin to open to new information and new ways of being.  The God Tribe is growing. It is bringing science, mysticism and spirituality all together as one.  There are no fees for membership. It’s free and it’s only initiation is the work the individual puts in to embody the Principle and use it. It’s each person’s choice whether to join or not. It takes time and it is a way of life.

I am grateful to be one of its members and to continue to expand, learn and grow. It is both humbling and powerful at the same time.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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