Once Upon a Decision

Do you decide ahead of time, when you awake, what kind of day you will have? I am working on this daily. I understand that what I decide in mind first is what I experience. I sit quietly first thing in the morning and define my day. Yes, there are specific things I will do, but it isn’t just about that. It’s deeper.

How am I going to experience those tasks and activities? What am I, Rita, bringing to them in the way of consciousness? Do I expect success? Have I made a decision to be peaceful, calm and clear? These are all the states of being that I can choose ahead of time. I do not need to wait to see what an experience is going to be or how another person is going to act to decide how I am going to act or be. It takes having a clear purpose for my day to do this.

There are many things that happen everyday. Not everything is in our control. We definitely do not have control over other people, the world or Nature. However, we have a tool, our only tool. It is the power of our mind. We are not a mind. We have a mind, and we get to use it anyway that we choose. This is our share in the Energy of God. Our mind and how we use it is our individualization of the one Power and Source. We are guaranteed a response, every time we use our mind.

All is ours to experience. We make choices everyday. We make them when we do not even know we are making them. My goal is to be conscious of my choices. My goal is to be at peace, knowing that no matter what occurs in my day, I know that Divine Right Action is always in place. If I have decided ahead of time how I want to experience my day, I cannot fail.

If I am clear on my purpose in life, no matter what I meet in a day, the experience has to further that purpose. Sometimes a challenge or set back is a blessing in disguise. Have you noticed that? Sometimes it just makes you more clear in what you want. Let our challenges become wisdom.

We are all powerful creators of our destiny. We are recently, thanks to all the spiritual teachers, mystics, and now scientists, getting to know this on a deeper and more active level.

Conscious evolution is now becoming more the normal way of being and many of us are catching up with it quickly. I believe the planet is lifting into a higher consciousness, due to more and more of us lifting ourselves into a higher consciousness. We are realizing that we are not victims, that all that happens, happens through us and for us, and that we get to choose our destiny.

I invite us to take one simple day, today, and decide ahead of time how you will unfold in it. One day at a time, we can create a new world.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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