There is a Law of Reflection

There is a beautiful passage in the Science of Mind on page 297 about attracting friends. It begins by saying that “In turning to the Law realize that it is a Law of Reflection.” Yesterday, I had the honor of serving a luncheon with my husband for the volunteers of our Center. It was the very first time, we accomplished this. I am not sure why we waited so long, as we have been in existence as a Center for six years. I’m sure we had many reasons why a volunteer appreciation party was not our first concern. However, trying to decipher the whys of the past never really matters, and can be self-destructive. It is the now moment that is the only moment.

Something happened to me yesterday. In really taking the time to appreciate what I had in my life, I truly felt an opening for more good. I realized how many great people were really in my life. I realized how abundant CSL Kaua’i really is.

Most of all, I realized how much I really missed entertaining. I’m talking about the kind I grew up with. I love potlucks, but they were foreign to me until I moved west. When we had parties, we gave the parties. Yes, people came to your house with a gift of appreciation, but when they came they were served. This is what I experienced yesterday and I really liked it. I really liked being in service in this way. I loved getting up early and cooking and working alongside my husband. We compliment each other perfectly. He got to do all the setting up and I cooked. Hah!

We set a goal that we would be ready when everyone came in, so we could enjoy the party and we were. We set a goal that the process would be easy, and it was. It was difficult for some not to help us, but we stuck to our plan. It was a good lesson for all of us.

The Law of Reflection is truly a Spiritual and Scientific Law, and yesterday was a great example. While being in service myself, I was able to see all who were in service to CSL Kaua’i. I saw the donut not the hole. I realized that, perhaps, we are ready to move forward, that we are expanding, and that there is a team of amazing spiritual beings on the path with us. I saw the value of CSL Kaua’i in that it created a family for many.

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “If you want a friend, be a friend.” This isn’t about going out and gathering friends around you, or going after certain people. Instead, it means that we have to develop a consciousness of friendship. Friendship doesn’t mean that you will actually be able to have intimate relationships with everyone either. That is one of my most difficult tasks as a Spiritual Leader. I do my best, but I always fall short in my own eyes. Embracing the idea that friendship is a way of approaching the world, brings me comfort and something I can wrap my life around.

Do we look at the world as our enemy or do we see friends. The more that we can see friends, the more they will appear. What we focus on grows is a spiritual law, and I have proven it much lately. These beautiful people that surround and infuse my life right now are a reflection of my own consciousness. I accepted that yesterday and everything shifted.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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