Happiness is our Responsibility

Before I start, I need to define what I am calling happiness in this blog. It is not a giddy feeling of temporary joy based on what’s happening outside. Happiness is a deep inner satisfaction with our life. So here goes…

Have you ever felt responsible for someone else’s happiness or has someone ever made you feel responsible for theirs? These states of mind are both two sides of the same coin. It’s all coming from us and it is because we want things to be different than they are. We want someone to acknowledge that they are responsible for their own happiness and stop blaming us. We want to release ourselves from the burden of the feeling of that responsibility. We might think things like… if we had just done this or that, or if we could do this now, they would be happy.

All of this is so far from the truth. The truth is you cannot make another person happy. You might be able to do it for a moment, a month or a year or so, but eventually, we all have to take responsibility for our own happiness. The blame game is a big disease in our society and what it does is diverts the attention off ourselves and the work that is ours to do. I’ve heard it so many times. If that person had just had this opportunity, or didn’t have those parents, or had gone to a better school, or hadn’t been abused, etc., etc., etc., their life would be so much better. 

There is no one left to blame, even ourselves for where we find ourselves in life. Blame is a detrimental emotion and frame of mind and must be eradicated from our consciousness. It is poison to our life and stops us from moving through our experiences to a higher state of living and loving.

If we put every life under a microscope, we would see that every one of us had challenging experiences of varying degrees. We would see that we are not so different. We would see that it was the way we processed the experience individually that gave us the outcome of our life. It is possible to find examples in many people who came from the same family, for example; one went on to be an Oprah Winnfrey, the other to death row.

I believe that it is time for us all to make ourselves as happy as possible and to shine that happiness on everyone around. It is time to be so happy that we can be an open vessel of love for others to come and be nurtured by when they are ready. We can’t force happiness on anyone. We can only shine our light until they say, “I want want she/he has.”  We have to be willing to allow others to be where they are and still love them. As Esther Hicks/Abraham states, “You cannot be unhappy enough to make someone else happy.”

It is time to get happy by remembering who we are, forgiving everything, and allowing everyone to be right where they are, while seeing them in the highest place of love. Assisting when asked is great, but forcing ourselves on another is a drainage of our own life force.

I invite us all to practice the Law of Allowing today, to invite it to be central in our hearts, to forgive ourselves for everything, knowing, in Reality, there was never anything to really forgive. Everything we experience is perfect in its time and moves to something greater, when we are ready to take responsibility, not blame, for where we are. Then we must be ready to move into a higher state of being. When we do this, a deep inner transformation begins, help arrives, people who love us offer support, unknown forces lift us up. Happiness becomes our life. Life is for us, not against us. Happiness is our birthright.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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