The Alchemist is You


Three facts you can be sure of: Fact 1 – Energy is everything, Fact 2 – Energy never dies, Fact 3 – You are Energy. If Energy never dies or disappears than where does it go? The answer is: Just like water can turn to ice and then back to water and then to vapor, energy transforms; it changes.

We are Energy. Every cell of our being is Energy. We work with Energy all the time, because we are always working in the field of Energy, even when we do not know it. How do we work with Energy? We think, we contemplate, we have strong emotions, we feel, we want, we do not want. We are always working with Energy to create our experiences. We can only create those things in our life that we can become energetically.

So, what I’ve learned is a method called transmutation. There are other definitions of this word, but here’s the one that best defines it for my use: “the action of changing or the state of being changed into another form.” Another term from ancient times is alchemy.

We do not get rid of our feelings. We do not stuff them down. We do not get rid of our experiences by just thinking them away or thinking them to us. We transmute Energy: our Energy.

I’ll give you example in my experience. I once had a big disappointment in the area of a love relationship. I was very sad and depressed and couldn’t bring myself out of that sadness. I wanted things to be different. After I’d hit bottom and because I can’t stay sad long, I began to take that sadness and work it creatively. I began writing. I wrote about the things I was grateful for. I wrote a whole script about a relationship that did work out. I was immersed in my creativity so deeply that my energy began to change. I found myself in a new state of being and having a totally different and amazing experience. Did I still feel sad about my lost relationship? Once and a while, but my new life was more important, and the Energy behind it was stronger.

So, you see, the Energy I was feeling didn’t disappear; it transformed into something else. I do this every day whenever I am doubting my ability to do anything. I do it when I am feeling limitation or lack. I simply practice transforming my Energy. I just did it in the area of limitation today and I had almost an immediate demonstration.

Everything is Energy. We are Energy. We work with Energy only. Things are not changed from the world of the physical. They change on the Energetic plane. Energy never dies. It only changes.

I encourage us all to practice with this idea in our lives when we are struggling and have challenges. Better yet, I encourage us to work with Energy when everything is going well. It’s easier and a lot more fun and makes us stronger when times come that we truly need to be the practiced alchemist. What is an alchemy: a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

Have fun in the laboratory. You are so powerful and a wise alchemist. I know it.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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