Principle Produces


Yesterday, Spectrum/Time Warner on Kaua’i went down and we had NO INTERNET for approximately 24 hours. We discovered in the middle of the day that a cable needed repaired. It was located, they said, in the middle of the ocean. Being a small Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean this seemed quite a large repair job to those uneducated in the cable industry. Someone at the grocery store, where they were only taking cash and credit, said, “They say it’s going to be months.” 

I knew better. I remembered a quote by Ernest Holmes that said, “Principle is Absolute, and in so far as any individual can actually induce within consciousness, upon Principle, a definite concrete acceptance of his desire… it will manifest, even though everything on earth had to change to compel it! If it were a bit of information that was needed for the demonstration that only one person on earth knew – and that person was in the center of Africa – the information would be produced.” 

Well, our piece of information seemed to be in the middle of the ocean. So, it would also have to be produced. I held onto this Truth and I treated. I let go of the outcome. We sent a prayer request out to our Practitioner Corps. I knew that the Internet was already restored in my mind. In the meantime, I had this moment to experience life with or without the Internet.

As the day progressed and we looked forward to the evening with or without the Internet, my husband and I decided to sit in gratitude for all that was here. We spent about a half and hour going back and forth, giving gratitude for everything we could think of, including the gift of the Internet and what it meant in our life and at our Center. We slowed down and stopped, had a sip of wine and suddenly, the Internet was back. We gave gratitude for the men and women who brought it back and the Power of Spirit that worked through them as intelligence and skill.

This is the way I like to meet my challenges. Can I always do it? Most of the time I do. If I forget or can’t get myself to this place of surety and peace, I ask for help from a fellow practitioner or friend. However, what I know tis that there is a Power on which I can depend if I call upon it. It carries me through everything. Something like the Internet going down can be as large or small as it is to us as individuals, but the Power of Principle knows no small or large. It only creates from the impress of our thoughts and beliefs.

I believe in  healing through the Power of this Mind and I also know we have to accept our healings no matter what they are. As Dr. Holmes wrote in the quote above, we need “…a definite concrete acceptance of his desire… .” We have to be receptors of our good. If there were anything to work on, it would be to become more relaxed and trusting in the Power that resides within each of us. It would be to become more accepting of our good. It would be to love ourselves more and to reflect the love out to others. Everything flows according to the impress of our thoughts and beliefs and our acceptance.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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