A Spiritual System

We get up early on Sunday mornings to get ready for our talks and to make sure everything is running smoothly in our Center of Spiritual Living. This morning, I was feeling a little under the weather. I hate to use the term, but I’ve been fighting off some type of congestion that seems to have gotten a hold of me. I take very good care of myself and I watch my thoughts and beliefs about such things as colds and flus. They usually pass me by. However, this time, I found myself in the way of the current and seem to have jumped aboard. Why do we get sick?

It’s a good question and everyone has a different answer. For me, I know it’s because I need to give myself some attention that I’ve been avoiding. I’ve either run myself down and am susceptible to the environment around me or it creeps up on me unawares because I’ve been investing my energy in energy depleting experiences. Where we invest our attention, there our energy goes.

I know there is no mistake and that congestion or flu is not a normalcy, but is something within me that needs clearing and alignment. There was a beautiful reading this morning in the Science of Mind this morning about our bodies and how they are Divine ideas in the Mind of God. Our 50 trillion cells know exactly what to do in every moment to bring us to wholeness, if we trust this hidden power. We can’t see it, but it is working 24/7 for us. I do trust it and at time like this, I just turn it over, relax and know that I am safe.

So, how do I get up and talk this morning at service? I will and I trust that my voice will be as perfect as it needs to be in the moment. I have something important to say that needs to be said. I remember a story about Ernest Holmes when he kept losing his voice with sore throats. He realized he was hesitant to speak the truth he had come to know. As soon as he let go of that handicap, his voice came back.

I do not believe in happenstance. It’s impossible for me to think that things just happen. I know behind every physical manifestation there is a belief and a reason for it occurring. Sometimes, I do not know right away, but that’s okay. I will know when I need to know. The most important thing is to love myself beyond measure at times like this. The most important thing is to trust and have faith that something really spectacular is unfoldling and that it is always in my favor. The Universe conspires for me, just like my 50 trillion cells.

I’ve been playing with the idea of this congestion for the whole week. It’s finally arrived. Am I surprised that it would come on the day that I’ve been resisting it the most? What we resist persists. So, I just give in. Let it be and trust. I’ll have exactly what I need today, say what I need to say and inspire as I need to inspire. That’s me. That’s Rita. That’s my purpose here.

I will close with Dr. Holmes’ beautiful statement: “My entire system is spiritual and my physical being is now quickened into life and truth. It is cleansed and purified by the power of the Word of God within me. The Word which I speak is the presence, the power and the Law of God working through me. …Perfect God. Perfect man. Perfect being.”

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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