Prayers are always Answered

Ernest Holmes wrote, “Can we believe that there is a God who picks out some man/woman and says, “I will honor your prayer, but I do not think so much of Mr. or Mrs. So and So”? It is superstitious to believe that God will answer the prayer of one above another. ….Since some people have been healed through prayer, while others have not, the answer is NOT that God has responded to some and not to others, but that some have responded to God more than others. Their prayer (their thought) has responded by corresponding. The answer to the prayer is in the prayer.”

This statement came to light for me in a real way this week. I am a Practitioner of the Science of Mind and Spirit. We have a corps of beautiful amazing Practitioners in our Center. We have a Ministry of Prayer and when we are called upon, we are Consciousness on Demand. Though it might seem sometimes that our prayers are not answered affirmatively in the world of form, I still know they are always answered. We do not pray for results, we change our own consciousness regarding any experience and allow the Power of the Law/the One Mind to work though that experience bringing with it the perfect solution that is right for everyone involved. We say “Divine Right Action is in place.” If it is true one time, it is true every time. We treat until we demonstrate and we treat and move our feet.

Recently, we received a prayer request for a newborn baby in our Center. Normally, we would keep things confidential, but I have been given permission to share this miracle. The baby had an illness that was devastating. He was under medical treatment, but his recovery was slow and painful. The doctors said it would take weeks for him to recover. We can only imagine how distraught his family was; however, they believe in prayer and they asked for prayer.

Our Corps prayed, all in our own unique way. Within 24 hours, the baby was released from the hospital and home with his family here on the Island. There was an instant manifestation. We are so grateful.

But, questions arise, because at the same time, there are other instances, where we have not received these fast demonstrations. Here is what I know and feel about this. The Science of Mind and Spirit is a loving philosophy, but it is also scientific. I am a scientist and I practice and must be able to prove my Principle. Why did this baby heal so instantaneously. I believe it is because his consciousness was so available and open to the One Field of Energy, to the love of his family to the healing prayers. I believe it was his choice that brought him back so quickly.

We are taught that our demonstrations are based on two things. The conviction/belief of the practitioner and the receptivity of the client. This baby was open and receptive, there is no doubt. To requote Ernest Holmes, the answer is NOT that God has responded to some and not to others, but that some have responded to God more than others. Their prayer (their thought) has responded by corresponding.” Let me clarify the idea of “responding.” It is not a matter of right or wrong or blame. It is a matter of degree.

God is not outside of us. It is the very breath that we breathe. We make things out of ourselves by becoming the thing. That’s how God creates. This baby became the essence of healing, so connected to his Godself that he couldn’t know anything but that. Perhaps, this is why Jesus taught, “to become as little children.” The more we realize our deep connection to Spirit, the more we become our true selves, the more we are available for demonstrations we desire to create. Healing is not a process of fixing something, it is a process of revealing. This is why each demonstration reveals itself in a different way.

I am grateful for the opportunity I have every day to meet my challenges with Spiritual Mind Treatment. I am grateful to stand on solid ground when everything around me is shaking. I am grateful for this baby. He is a great teacher. I trust each soul’s unfoldment no matter the outcome, for I believe that all outcomes are in perfect alignment with a greater Divine plan.  I strive to align with my true identity, making choices and allowing others their choices. So, when I ask why are some prayers answered and others seem not be, I know that each prayer is answered in the most perfect way for that soul. I have faith in the mystery of life.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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