We Have What We Require

Science is proving that we are wired for “higher human potential” (Gregg Braden, The New Human Story). Well, this is not new news. The mystics of the past have been telling us that the “Power of Heaven in within us, our thoughts are things and that we have the power to heal our lives” for centuries. Now that Science is proving this, we are perhaps paying attention. However, what will we do with this information? That is the question.

Will we just listen and get excited and then go back to business as usual, or will we apply it. We are living in a “time of extremes,” and we need tools to traverse these times. One of the most powerful of these tools is to learn how to control our thinking process so as not to sink into negativity, gloom, and fear. We have plenty of reasons to fear if we listen to and dwell on the what is provided for us through the media. What are we going to do with that information?

As for me, I do not deny what is happening, but I also know that how I digest and think about what is happening holds the key for my way through it. I believe in a Greater Power, a Divine Intelligence that is behind everything. I know it lives and breathes through all of us at all times. It is up to us to connect with it and release it into our experience. The only way to do it is through our own mind. It’s here within us, but the door remains closed to many of us because we won’t take the time to turn the knob. We either wait for tragedy to strike or we ignore this innate ability we have to live freely and filled with light because it takes practice and alone time.

The best way to stay in the light during these times is to fill ourselves with light in the way of reading, studying, meditating, good company and dwelling on those things that are life-giving and loving. It doesn’t mean we refuse to help those in need, but we realize that we must put on our own oxygen mask first.

Yes, there is a new human story and it is the Story of Volition. We can choose how we think about these times, how we respond to these times, and how we take care of ourselves. We cannot use the excuse that we do not have help. Just turn to the Internet. There are thousands of free programs to enjoy about empowerment. There are great teachers available to guide us back to ourselves. There is the power of prayer. There is everything we could ever need or require within us, and it’s all free.

This is the time of the great awakening. We’ve pushed ourselves backwards again, but we know too much now to be lost. Ernest Holmes, one of my teachers, wrote, “One alone in Consciousness with the Infinite is a complete majority.” Yes, we do not have to wait for others to think the way we think or act like we think they should act. It’s our own consciousness we need to tend to and that is quite enough.

On the second day of Lent or L.E.N.T (Let’s Eliminate Negative Thinking), I recognize that my thoughts are powerful and I guard them from fear and replace them with peace and faith. It’s a choice and I am guaranteed a Sacred Yes from the Universe.

In Love and Truth,

Rev. Rita

2 thoughts on “We Have What We Require

  1. Thank you for an important reminder. Listening to the ‘Love I AM’ of the heart instead of the fearful ego is a daily practice I dare not miss. I already have the tools. Petra


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