We Have the Power!

In the teaching of the Science of Mind and Spirit, we understand that all form is temporary. However, there is Energy, the Formless, the Field that is Eternal. The mystic and teacher Ernest Holmes wrote, “All form is temporary. It is the eternal play of Life upon Itself.” 

Life is all there is, and we, each one of us, is an individualized expression of this Life Force, God, or whatever you choose to call it. As individualized expressions of the One Life, we have at our command a limitless Power. We contact it in one way only and that is by the use of our thought.

As we contact this limitless Power, we have unlimited power to create whatever it is as our experience. We can use it for the “healing of the body or the changing of conditions around us, the reason being that both body and affairs are fluent.” (Ernest Holmes, SOM 394). We can only contact this Power at the Center of our own being. It is to us what we think it is. Belief is everything.

So, how does this all apply to the Coronavirus/COVID 19. It has everything to do with it. Did we bring this upon ourselves? Well, if the above is true, than the answer would have to be that on a collective subconscious level we did indeed.

So, it is here, but the good news is that it is the Formless in form and therefore temporary. Also, because we are individuals and because we have the individual Power to use our mind in anyway we choose, we get to experience this pandemic in anyway that we choose. The way we choose to have this experience will mean everything to us. Whether we experience the virus individually or not, our perception will mean everything. If we spend our time in fear and resistance, we will experience what we fear and resist. If we, instead, begin to change our relationship to it, our experience of it will change.

There are certain facts about it. We know it is a strain of virus that we’ve never experienced before; however, we also know that if we keep our immune system strong, we are less susceptible to its manifestation. We’ve been given all the guidelines and precautions and it is good that we adhere, so as not to endanger others. Even if our belief system, says “I am safe. I am healthy.” We still live in a collective consciousness that may or may not live this same consciousness. We owe respect to our brothers and sisters. We want to bring peace, not more fear to the situation. I believe this is our social responsibility in the world of form.

However, on another level, the level of Mind, there is much we can do and contribute to the healing. Dr. Holmes, wrote, “‘The Highest God and the innermost God is One God.’ Through the medium of Mind we unify with the Universe and contact a Power that can do anything for us that we are able to conceive of It doing.” This is a Powerful statement. I do believe it and I have already proved it in my life to the level of my belief. I am only limited by what I can or cannot conceive of It doing.

When we do not progress consciously, there is a automatic process of this Mind that goes on and on and unconsciously. For example, we’ve accepted violence. We’ve accepted illness. We’ve accepted prejudice and many other negatives as the norm. The automatic Law of Mind is producing what we have given it. More of the same. “It has no intention for us other than the intention that we give It.” (Ernest Holmes SOM 394). So, you see, through unconscious evolution we’ve brought ourselves to this place.

We’ve been nudged and prodded by the forms we have experienced. The effects over the last century have gotten stronger and stronger and still we’ve ignored them – global warming, economic collapse, violence and more. Now, this virus has come, I believe – a creation of our consciousness of separation – to bring us together for something greater.

We are at choice as to what will happen next. Dr. Holmes wrote, “The normal functions of Life are harmonious, but we interfere with these in our ignorance and thus bring discord into temporary being.”

Nature is perfect. If it weren’t so, Life couldn’t exist for a moment. I know that we have the Power to change the course of these experiences that are still temporary, always temporary. What will we choose. “We are given, or by the necessity of our nature have the power and necessity of using the Law as though It existed solely for us. … The cosmic engine is started but man guides it in his own life. It goes for him in the direction in which it is driven. This driving is not by force but by agreement, unification and acquiescence.” (Ernest Holmes 395)

So, the place to start in healing is in our own mind and because we live in this one Field of energy, it does make a difference. This we know has already been proven scientifically. However, we must prove it now mentally.

There is only oneness. For me, this is the message of the Coronavirus and it is the message of our healing. Dr. Holmes wrote, “One alone in Consciousness with the Infinite constitutes a complete majority.” You have the power. I have the power to direct the course of our evolution. Powered by Love, Light, and our own personal responsibility to the Conscious Field of Intelligence that is listening to our every thought and feeling; is unlimited in its nature; anything and everything is possible.

In Love and Truth,

Rev. Rita

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