Wake Up Flower Children!

We just watched a film last night called, “Sunseed, the Journey.” It was about the 1960’s and the coming of the East to the West in the form of different gurus and philosophies, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sufism. It brought back memories of that time period and many thoughts about how it applies to the now.

I am reminded of a quote from the Bible:  ‘…For as the lightning comes from the east and shines as far as the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man…. ”  In the Science of Mind teaching, Ernest Holmes writes, “The son of man is every man who ever lived or ever will live. Our life is from Spirit, not form matter.”…We come into everlasting life as we elevate the inner principle to a sense of unity of man with God.”

Yes, this is what definitely happened in that time of the 1960’s. The Eastern thought came to the West and brought with it a different look at philosophy and religion. We were taught to go within to find God. We were taught that God and man/woman were one. It was a time of an acceleration in meditation practices. From that time period, the eastern religions made their impact on the U.S. culture. It was the perfect manifestation at a time when we truly needed it. So much was going on in the way of war, racism, assassination of our leaders, we were searching for meaning. Yes, there was the use of psychedelic drugs, but more than that there was a deep yearning to know more than what the material world was showing us.

But, where have all the flowers gone? Why did we go back to sleep. That was my generation. I know many of us went forward from that time and deepened our awakening. However, it is true that many of the baby boomers, as we were called, look at that time as just the follies of our youth.

Here we are again in 2020, reaping the effects of our sleepiness, being urged to wake up again. Coronavirus has definitely come as the “love bug” the “flower child” to bloom us into another awakening, urging us to go within. WE CANNOT FALL ASLEEP AGAIN. In a mere 70 – 80 years we have led ourselves to the most crucial time – we are at the brink of our sixth mass extinction!

However, what I know is that we are learning, and we will not go back to business as usual. I know that we will come out of our cocoons and re-emerge as a new species, realizing that we can find ways to take care of our planet, that we can find solutions other than war, that we can experience abundance for all. This is not an airy-fairy knowing. We are already proving it right now. We are having to find different ways to communicate, to work, to make our ends meet, to be creative, to help others who are not as strong. We are learning how to go within.

I trust the flower child within us to awaken again, to remember who we are and to spread the power of Love in our own unique way. We call it, at Centers for Spiritual Living, “a world that works for everyone.” There is such a world and we can birth it together. It will take working together. It will take forgiveness. It will take letting go of the past. It will take being present. It will take letting go of judgment.  It will take helping our neighbor. It will take being creative. It will really take going within and coming out as our true selves. It will take everyone’s gifts working together in healing.

This is not a whimsical fantasy. This is real, vibrant and necessary if we are to move through separation into wholeness, harmony and oneness and the new earth. The alternative is bleak. Let us stay awake, alive and active.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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