Everything HAS Changed

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One has to have complete faith and trust to live through these times. This morning my husband and I were talking. He used the term “crumbling” when referring to our Center for Spiritual Living. I was startled at first when he used that word, but it did make sense.

We’ve have built CSL Kaua`i ​with the Power and Presence of the Law of our Being. It has been a Force of its own and we are the vehicles through which it has manifested. It doesn’t belong to us, but we are its stewards.

From 2012 when we first stood on the sands of Kaua`i, visting for the first time, we knew that something was coming forth. This Center would be born here, and within six months from that time, it was a real thing in the world of form. After that day, one thing just unfolded to the next blossoming and growing. Yes, there were some trials, but nothing like the way everything came to a halt on March 16, 2020.

Our doors were closed and the community that we had built together, who loved to dance and sing together on Sundays were gone. We quickly shifted to being an online presence. Fortunately, we were already one step ahead because we had become good at live-streaming and we knew something about the Zoom platform. We were used to being in the virtual environment, but we never thought it would become our Center. What we had built community-wise was what was missing.

We are doing our best to keep everyone together, but something is needing to change. This is where the faith and trust comes in. This is where the need for surrender comes in. This is time to reclarify our purpose as a Center, and as individuals. We have no way of knowing how long it will be until we can gather again. We have no idea what is next in the world of form.

What we can do is let go for a moment and rethink the whole thing. In the visioning process one has to let go of the world of form and ask, what is Spirit’s highest idea for my life. This is where we are now.

We continue keeping our love flowing through CSl Kaua`i, but we also have to be willing to let it all go to something new. This is a good thing and has the promise of something really huge being born from all this.

I think we can all apply this to our own lives. Holding on to the way things were and wishing them back is okay, but being willing to let go and let something new come through us, something that is more in step with the new consciousness that is emerging, might be a better thing. Clarifying our intentions for life and what is important to us is what is occurring for many of us. I would hope we are not afraid to possibly change directions if that is what is being called for from us. Trying to keep things together, causing one to strain and struggle takes a lot of energy. Opening up to new direction, calls in guidance from within.

As Thomas Troward, the great philosopher and mystic stated, “Our purpose is to be happy.” He wasn’t talking about a superficial happiness. He was talking about a deep inner vibration that signifies that we are fulfilling our life’s purpose here on this planet. The days of doing those things that create unhappiness in our life should be over. If we had a world of truly happy people, living their dreams, giving, loving and only doing that which made them happy, just think what our new earth would look like.

I am open to follow this path. I am open to clarifying my purpose, to reinventing CSL Kaua`i and to getting out of the way of how everything unfolds, only knowing that everything is unfolding as it should.

These times, when everything has changed call for us to change, not from the true essence of who we are, but from who we might have become that doesn’t serve us anymore. We are being called to be something far greater. The far greater is our True Selves. These times of change are calling forth our True Selves.

Much Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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