Minister is a Verb

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For the past five days, I have taken part in a Ministerial Intensive. Eighteen ministerial students came together with their teachers and other leaders from the New Thought Community to be paneled, to attend workshops, and to give talks. The outcome was the decision by a Panel of Ordained Ministers as to whether or not these students would move into ministry as Reverends.

I had a Ministerial Intensive nine years ago in the beautiful setting of Monterey, California. My Intensive brought me over the threshold into a new life that truly was unforeseen at that time. After well over six years of study, testing and class, I was ready for the unknown path of ministry. That unknown has been continually unfolding since that day nine years ago.

All eighteen of these ministers passed their panels and will go on into that unknown as well. They are equipped with great consciousness and a vision for ministry and a passion to bring the Science of Mind and Spirit into the future. They will discover, as as ministers do that “Minister” is a verb, more than it is a title. Minister pulls you forward into action at that level of your consciousness and that will decide how your will unfold.

The truth is we are all ministers. We are all ministering to something, as was so eloquently pointed out by one of the ministers during this particular Intensive. Ministry is not reserved for those of us who have chosen the Spiritual path as a vocation. Minister is something we are all doing at all times.

We are ministering to our children, to our colleagues at work, to our neighbors, to our spouses, to just about every situation we find ourselves in. The question is what consciousness do we bring to our ministry? Are we excited and passionate about it? Do we feel we are in our rightly place, ready to give it our all? Are we in integrity with ourselves and those around us? I believe that these times are calling all of us to minister.

It might be easier for those of us who have visions of ministry to answer this question and to continue to stay in the flow of our own unfoldment. However, what about those of you that might just in this moment, reading this blog, all of a sudden think of your life in this way. How would you fill in the blank of “I am a minister of ____________________?” Or would you?

I believe it is a very powerful way of thinking of our lives and gives each of us importance as we show up in the world. I thank that ministerial candidate for taking this question past licensed ministers. There is so much at stake right now. Our very freedoms that perhaps we took for granted are being questioned. Racial injustice, violence and tension in the world is in the red zone.

There is a consciousness in each and every one of us that is pushing us out into expression. It cannot be subdued anymore. It cannot be held back. It is time for us all to stand up and minister to each other in love and truth, kindness and compassion.

It is time to focus our lives. The Ministerial Intensive I was on this week was just that Intense. It was planned out by a leader and we all had to answer the call. We all had to listen with our hearts and make choices. We had to speak out our truth and be willing to back it with our lives.

Yes, we are all on an Ministerial Intensive right now and we will come out the other end one way or the other. We will give graciously and fully, or we will pull back. It is a choice. Those that succeed on an Intensive are clear, decided, and willing to let go and surrender to something greater within themselves that is calling them. What are you willing to give? What are you willing to accept and for what are you willing to stand? I look forward to joining ranks with all the ministers that are answering that call of love right now.

In Love and Truth,

Rev. Rita

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