Think and Choose

I am sitting in the enormity of what is happening right now in our country, in our world. There is a march going on that is so much more than what we are seeing. It is ripping at the very fiber of hatred, racism and the silent disease that has so long been ignored and repressed. We thought we’d progressed past all this, but how great is it to have it rear its ugly head so that we can eradicate it once and for all. Chaos is not bad. It is a necessary step in the birthing of a new idea.

My love and peace goes out to all the protesters. I am grateful for every step they take that is taken in love and peace. I envision their safety. I envision uplifting of Truth and Freedom for all. I support peace and the final release of anything but love.

The gift of our Divinity is choice. It is impossible to hold back a soul’s right to choose how he/she should live and express permanently, maybe for a moment, but not permanently. We have the right to love whom we choose. We have the right to choose our occupation. We have the right to live peacefully and abundantly. We have the right to choose. Right now, what I am experience is an inner battle of mind against mind that is ripping at our our power to choose. We must stand firm. We must not just give lip service saying it is about our ability to choose how we react to our experience. It’s more than that. The Truth is we get to choose, and we also get to experience the results of those choices. We must choose from the highest level of consciousness, a Divine Consciousness that is only willing to live the results of those choices.

In this time, we are making choices that will color the very fabric of our future. Ernest Holmes once wrote, “Practically the whole world is hypnotized because he thinks what somebody else told him to think.”

We are taking everything at face value and not looking deeper. Within each of us is the Power to think. As my colleague and friend, Deb Valentina, said in a conversation “There are a lot of thoughts out there, but no one is thinking.” We have to start thinking. We have to start choosing how we will think. In our Philosophy, the Science of Mind and Spirit, we do not tell people what to think, we guide them in how to think. The only thinking that is worth anything is thinking from the highest most loving point of view. The outpouring from that place will always be good.

It’s a time to choose. It’s a time to march for freedom. It’s a time to express our greatness in our own unique way. It’s a time to speak our Truth if we dare. It’s time to respect each other’s choices. We must and we must be willing to live the outcome of our choices. That outcome could be the loss of everything we thought we were.

My husband does a wonderful exercise with people. He asks, “If it were all taken away from you – your job, your family, your everything in the physical world, what would be left? Who are you?” Whomever that is, that is the person who will be the best marcher, the best example to others.

We are being driven to live our True Selves and not hold onto falsity anymore. Love leads the way, and Law makes the way possible. Not man-made laws, but the Laws of the Universe that cannot be disturbed by temporal things. All the leaders of peace knew this. We are those leaders now, should we choose to accept the position. There is a silent Power beneath this storm, beneath the chaos, that is marching with each and everyone of us as we, yes, birth the new earth.

In Love and Truth,

Rev. Rita

2 thoughts on “Think and Choose

  1. Beautifully said. Since I could not march (still isolating) last Saturday, I held sacred space for more than 1000 people here in Sacramento as I watched the live broadcast on my pc. The difference from past peace events was the diversity of the people who came together on that day. Laughing and weeping as I sat here, I understood the truth of Oneness. Amen.

    Peace and blessings, Suzanne

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