The Breath of life moves through all of us and connects us to each other. It is obvious that this is our test right now. To understand this Principle of Breath as the Divine birthright of each person is to understand that the Spirit which we are is our breath.

When we are born we take our first breath as we exit our mother’s womb. Anyone who has been with someone who has died has witnessed the breath leave the body lifeless. Breath is who we are and breath is God in us.

George Floyd screamed to breathe. COVID 19 takes our breath. We are being called to breathe. Everyone has the right to share in the breath of life. What will we do as a whole to make sure everyone has this right? Breath is not a privilege, it is our birthright. It is our life not just here on earth, but when we pass from here. Breath is God in us and it is eternal.

When I feel myself constricted in any way I breathe a little deeper. I have been breathing a little deeper a lot lately. I breathe deeper when I see the atrocities that I am witnessing. I breathe a little deeper and claim that all of us are breathing deeply right now. When someone feels stressed, I say, breathe. When we feel the impossibility of the situation, I say, breathe.

Every breath we take right now is important. It is good to breathe before moving into action. It is good to breathe before we respond to someone’s comment. It is good to breathe because it reminds us of who we are. There is nothing more important right now than to remember who we are and to remember that we are all the same. Not the same as in being duplicates or non individuals, but the same as having all the attributes of the Spirit – Love, Harmony, Peace, Beauty, Joy, Wisdom, Power, Light.

Thank you for marching for this right for everyone. I am sorry for all the years we have lost in hate, but I know that right now is all that matters, and that Spirit can pull us through with every breath we take. I am reminded of a statement from the Abundance Book by John Randolph Price, “My consciousness of the Spirit within me as my unlimited Source is the Divine Power to restore the years the locusts have eaten, to make all things new, to lift me up to the High Road of abundant prosperity.”

We do not have to despair about the years the locusts of hate have taken. We can be restored right now. Prosperity is not just money; it is the very essence of all supply ever-flowing through our lives. This is our Divine Birthright and it is here for all. I believe we are finally getting this truth. We cannot repair the damage of what has been, but we can move forward now. Yes, we have had so many falls of the Spirit that it seems insurmountable, but if we can breathe through it now, if we can stop holding our breath in non forgiveness, a burst of light will spring us forward and we will wonder why we waited so long.

Thank you to all the martyrs that have come before to remind us to breathe, to remind us that we are connected in one breath of life that belongs to all of us. Easy does it – Breathe!

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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