Consciousness Creates

There truly is a Law of Attraction. It is real and it is feeling our every vibration right now. What is this Law of Attraction? It isn’t fanciful dreaming. It isn’t just about thinking about what you want. It is the essence of our vibratory level of consciousness. It is what we are in every moment. Not just fleeting thoughts, but the very way our consciousness walks through the world. Can’t you feel it from others when you walk into a room? You sense that something is really feeling good or it isn’t. You pull away or your vibrate toward it. This is the Law of Attraction at play through Consciousness.

So how are we walking through the world right now. It is making a big difference. Are we walking with centeredness and conviction in peace or good, or are we being drawn into fear and turning this way or that with what we hear from others, the media and at the grocery store. Who’s behind the mask anyway? Are we unstable or convicted. It isn’t bad or good, but it is helpful or not helpful. We must be prayed up right now. We must be strong.

The Law of Attraction is bringing to us exactly what we are bringing to it. It, as I said, is instantaneous right now? Haven’t you noticed the synchronicities in your life? What I am saying is that what we are projecting into the world is affecting our future, now in the present moment. Each of us do matter. In this shift of consciousness that is most definitely occurring, we do make a difference.

I, for one, am doing my work to stay clear and not get swept up in the momentum of negativity. I am focusing on the Light. There is something said about looking to the Light. Can you look toward the Light instead of the dark? Can you look to the Light in the dark?

Ask your heart what is yours to do. It answers quietly and simply in the positive. Just get quiet and ask. Sometimes putting your hand on your heart helps. Also, just staying present is the greatest tool possible. You can do this any time. I am finding that using my senses to stay present is helpful. Just focusing on what’s around me – the sounds, the sights, the smells, all of it. Then focusing on my own breath and asking myself “Who am I?” I am Consciousness and so are you and Consciousness is what is making the difference right now. It is behind the Law of Attraction, which is definite.

The mystics have proclaimed Consciousness and now the new Science is saying we are Consciousness. Everything will change with our Consciousness, and it will move one way or another. What world do you want to live in? Do you live in a friendly world or a hostile world? It is all about consciousness.

We can bring change by changing ourselves, by living as love, by living as service, by living as creativeness, by living in the knowing that our consciousness is either drawing to us or repelling everything. It’s all Consciousness – us.

The Law of Attraction is in place at all times and we are It. Individually and collectively we are creating each moment and building our future now. It is not dependent on what the stock market does or if our businesses close or open. That is creating from form or secondary causation. It is our Consciousness of success that will open new doors and rise everything to a higher level of living on this planet. That is creating from first Cause.

It’s not good enough for me anymore to try to piece the old together. I’m accepting that it is falling apart. I like starting all over again. It’s not easy, but I feel it is true freedom. I surrender to it falling away and know that behind it all, the one Consciousness is still there ready to take form in anyway that we choose. It will be both individual and collective and it will depend on all of us moving together for Good. We are already doing it. I feel it.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

One thought on “Consciousness Creates

  1. “I like starting all over again. It’s not easy, but I feel it is true freedom.” Thanks for this reminder! I’ve had numerous “start overs”- some by choice, and I always grow! My region is having tough wildfires of beloved mountains: another “start over. “

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