The Principle

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There is a Universal Principle that is changeless. It is always working. We are always using it, and that creates the changes in our life, as we change. We can always depend on it to work. It will never let us down. We cannot break this Universal Principle, although at times, we might seem to break ourselves upon it when we go against its nature. It’s nature is good, it is neutral, it is life-giving, it is creative.

I believe the most powerful thing we can do for our life is to understand this Principle and to use it consciously. The way I can do this is to train my mind to stay positive and loving. I can find the good in every situation. I can look at everything as Energy. I can see beyond appearances and look into the beingness of things. Nothing is as it appears.

Everywhere we go and all the people we meet and all the experiences we have are reflections of where our state of mind is and how it affect the Principle. Everyone has a message for us along our journey.

Yesterday, we experienced three interactions with three different people that were significant to me. The most intriguing part of the experiences was we had had previous experiences with all of these people with the extreme opposite of what we experienced yesterday, proving that we had changed in consciousness.

We went out to breakfast for our anniversary. The first person, in the past, had a reputation of being abrasive, gruff and negative. We’d never met him and only heard of him from others. Yesterday, he came to our table and had a conversation, lamenting the effects of COVID 19 on his business. He was funny, quirky and in the end of the conversation left us with his faith that everything would be okay.

The second person was someone we had known in the past who had gone through some sort of life-challenge. Yesterday, he let us know that everything had to be stripped away from him, so that he could move into the Divine Presence and live his life from that place, more deeply. His life had turned around completely.

The third person, our waiter, is someone who, in the past, never said a word to us besides courteously taking our order and giving us our food. Yesterday, he expounded on his own faith during these times and how the only way he could know safety for himself was to go within and listen to his inner guidance..

So, all three conversations, in the end could be summed up with a message of trust in the unknown, a faith in Divine self, and an urge to go deeper into Spirit. They were just the messages I required yesterday, as I treat for our Center and our lives.

Later we went and walked the beach, I picked up a symbol in the sand of a cross on a slab of stone. I had just recently listened to a talk by Eckhart Tolle about the symbolism of the cross: the horizontal line representing the world of form, the life of doing; and the vertical line representing the journey deep within. I have been traveling the world of doing and working on just “being.”

My day found its meaning yesterday not in appearances, but in what was beyond the words spoken to me and the message in the symbol in the sand. The Law of Cause and Effect, that Changeless Principle, moved through me bringing all of that to me in answer to my prayer for guidance and direction for CSL Kaua`i. I let my prayer go, knowing that we are always guided and directed and everything is always unfolding perfectly. Not only did my messengers and message reflect this, but then we received a fourth message from someone looking out for us and saying, “don’t worry, I am behind you.”

There is a Changeless Principle that is always working. We get to use it unconsciously or consciously. We can give our life attention on the positive side, or we can choose to lament about what’s going wrong. Whichever way we choose to use our mind brings back to us the answers in the exact right way. It’s Science. We can prove it. We cannot escape it. It moves in our favor always.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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