Choosing to Shine not Resign

I listened to a powerful talk by Dr. Michael Beckwith today. It was just the right dose of Light that I needed. A few things he said struck me and I want to expand on them here.

The first was the idea that during this time of challenge in so many areas, we should shine and not resign. We are being bombarded with so much information by the media concerning COVID 19, war, politics, systemic racism and more. What are we to believe and what is it doing to our psyche? What is ours to do? I hear many people tell me how sad they are, how scared they are, how confused they are. I can feel that it is more than enough to make anyone want to resign themselves to the conditional world.

However, it is not time to resign. Now more than ever it is time to shine. We all have something to express to contribute. We can’t help it. We are Divine Creative beings. We are Light. And, as I always say, we have what it takes to be here right now. We signed up for it or we wouldn’t be here. What is yours to shine? What is loving through you right now. Wouldn’t it be better to focus on that? Isn’t it amazing to know that you have the opportunity to actually be part of the healing taking place in the world just by shining your light?

Another point Dr. Michael made was about having a “second-hand God.” We all need a first-hand God. That would be us getting to know the God within each of us. The one God, uniquely expressing as each of us. No one can give us God? I can speak about God and tell you how I feel and what I believe about the Divine Presence, but I cannot give my relationship with God to you. You have to build that relationship yourself. It’s unique to you. That’s your first-hand God, and I think we all better find that God now. Meditation and prayer assist us on this journey within. Reading things that uplift us assist. I think it might be time to increase our spiritual practice. The world needs spiritual warriors, not to fight but to keep the frequency of our planet vibrating at a Divine rate.

Dr. Michael used the term “weapons of mass distraction.” Are we letting the ideas of the world, the tragedies, the information, the talking heads, the numerous opinions consume us with fear and doubt? Are we being distracted by the conditional world so much so that we have given up on our inner peace, our creativity, our ability to rise above it all. Do we know that the Power that keeps the Universe in balance, is our Power too?

We are built for these times. We showed up here just at the right moment. We have everything it takes to be a force for Good in a rapidly changing world. We can meet the demands that are before us. Our old world is being dismantled, but we have what it takes to build the new world. It’s going to take action that is led by our light within. It is going to take a lot of light shining, speaking of Truth and backing it with action. We can do it.

I am taking Dr. Michael’s challenge to shine, to assist in the building of the new, to treat today as a new incarnation of me. I am trusting the unknown because I know of what I know, and I know that I know it. God, my first-hand God, is greater than any obstacle that could ever be in my path. It leads me. It guides me. It expresses through me. All these things are true for you, too.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

One thought on “Choosing to Shine not Resign

  1. Yes!! Thank you for being you! I really love your intimacy you share in your blogs!

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