Walking Home

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“God is at home. It is we that have gone out for a walk,” wrote the mystic Meister Eckhart. How I feel these words right now. God is right where I am. It is my presence, my breath, my Source, my life and every time I wander out into the world of conditions making them my reality, I have gone out for a walk away from God. Yes, God is in those conditions, but I can’t change anything from out there. I must walk home first.

It is so important right now to stay at home in this place within, to get real comfortable here before taking those walks. That way when we are walking we are always at home. We do not have to travel somewhere to get anything. It is right here.

Within each of us, we have everything to meet every situation. All experience is for the expansion of our soul, our evolution. There is a gift in everything. This is the only way I can live right now. The other way is backwards. It makes me go crazy trying to fix conditions. The way of the peaceful warrior is to walk out from our home of Truth.

Yesterday, while at a meeting, a friend said Coronavirus was still here because not enough of us had “got it, yet.” We are still pointing out, looking for blame, living in fear. Someone asked me a few days ago, in a meek voice, “Do you think this is going to last forever? “God is at home. It is we that have gone out for a walk.” How can we assist, if we are living in the same fear.

I think we need to ask ourselves some really good questions and really listen for the answer. What are we doing right now that isn’t coming from our true selves? Are we still hesitating, waiting, pausing without any kind of reflection? Are we taking action from a compassionate and loving place?

Everything is right here where we are. We have an immune system of trillions of cell that hold us in their embrace, releasing anything that doesn’t serve us, fighting for us unawares. It is our gift, but we have to stay home in order to strengthen it. We have to support it with our knowing, with our state of mind, with our emotions, with the proper physical care of our selves.

We do not need to get rid of COVID19; instead, we can strengthen our immune system. More self-love, more positive conversation, more anticipation of good, more finding the gift, more serving others with our unique gifts, more passion for what we do, more releasing of the toxicity of hopelessness and despair. How can we despair when we live from love?

“God is right here. It is we that have gone for a walk.” The strength of these words if understood and applied will bring us to wholeness right now by shifting our consciousness to the Power of remembering who we are.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren

Spiritual Director CSL Kaua`i and Spiritual Coach

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