The Cosmic Dancer

My life has been one Cosmic Dance. I might not have known it all the time, but then there is some truth in hindsight being 20/20. I am in the process of writing my memoir and it has been eye-opening for me. In hindsight, I can see the times where I totally danced with the Cosmos and the times when I held myself back, resisted and stumbled. Those times of dancing in union with the Cosmos weren’t necessarily times of acceptance by society for my choices, but my step was perfect and my life flowed in rhythm.

Have you ever danced with a really good dancer? You don’t even know the steps and that person will make you feel like Ginger Rogers or for those of you a little younger, like you are on “Dancing with the Stars,” perfectly rehearsed and flowing to first place. This is a perfect metaphor for dancing with the Cosmos.

Let me give an example. There was a time when I was truly struggling with money. I could not make ends meet and as the end of the month approached and the first of the month loomed in front of me, my nights became a series of rapid heart beats, hot flashes of panic, and fears the first of the month would find me behind in my rent. However, with my 12th hour mentality, something always came forward to assist and usually I made it by the skin of my teeth. This pattern repeated in my life for several years, while at the same time, I sank into debt.

Then one day, when enough was enough, I shifted my actions, took full responsibility for my dilemma and turned to the Cosmos for assistance. I began to dance with the spiritual laws of tithing and giving and receiving. I opened up the channels of my own ability to receive. I began to realize how important it was to forgive myself and to feel worthy of good. I saw clearly that, up to this point, I had been jumping ahead of myself. I wanted it all, but I wasn’t ready to receive it all, nor did I trust the Cosmos to deliver. I had to straighten out my thinking and my actions. I had to give over to the Power greater than I was at that time.

What I came to understand is that there is a Power, not just any Power, but one Power. I call it God, Universe and, yes, the Cosmos. It is Law and Order; it is Love. It is flow, and when you place yourself in its flow by placing your consciousness in its flow, your life flows.

What does Cosmos mean? It is defined as “the universe seen as a well-ordered and harmonious whole.” When you look into the heavens or think upon the order and harmony of Nature, you will see that there is a Power that holds everything together and works in order and harmony. Everything balances everything else, life ebbs and flows in order to move life forward. Even a forest fire shows the order of the Cosmos. Look to Nature for our understanding of true collaboration and harmony and then imitate it: give, receive, be your true self. You can’t be a peach if you are a pear. Be the best pear and leave the peaches to be their best.

We are this Cosmos, this Universe. It resides in every cell of our bodies. We might think we are running our own show, but there is always something that sings and sings within us that is moving us to get in step and create harmony in our lives. It takes trust, a leap of faith and perhaps a bit of a cha, cha, cha on our behalf. In other words, sometimes it feels like we are taking one step forward and two steps back or vice-a-versa.

Trusting the harmony of the Cosmos as our lives means that when we are struggling or things are not moving as we would like them to, we are being signaled to take a breath and surrender to this Power and allow it to dance with us without hindering its step. Allow it to take the lead.

In Hawaii, there is a native dance called “hula.” When you witness a dancer or dancers truly performing this dance with perfection, you witness someone dancing with the Cosmos, flowing and moving in ease and grace. It is a spectacular example, a metaphor for what life can be like when we surrender to the Cosmic Power that flows through all of creation.

One might ask, where can I start? I don’t know how to dance; I want my life to be easier. I just don’t know how. Here’s a way to begin. This is how I did it, at least. Wherever you are in your journey, take a deep breath. Take full responsibility for what is happening in your life right now. Take another deep breath. Let go and forgive everything. Know that guidance and direction is right where you are. Claim that all the support required shows itself to you now. Take another deep breath. Let go and begin to move with the path of least resistance. If you hit a wall, breathe again. The wall is only signaling that a change in consciousness is needed. Take another deep breath and claim that “I am worthy of a life filled with peace and joy.” If something comes up again that whispers “No you are not; look what you’ve done in the past. You’ll never do this.” Simply, turn away from that thought lovingly, while telling it that you do not think that way anymore. “I am the Universe. It dances with me. It guides and directs my path. I am safe right now. There is good for me and I claim it now. I am guided now. I walk in faith.”

Then, well you have to act as if it were true, even when it feels that it isn’t. Each of these steps can be a process so be gentle with yourself. Keep on believing in that Cosmic flow as your life. I know this method works, for I have proved it to myself over and over again. To dance with the Cosmos, I must turn my control over to the greater dancer that resides within me, merge with it and dance as one.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Spiritual Director – Center for Spiritual Living Kaua`i

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