Raising the Vibration

I feel the necessity for keeping my vibration high now more than ever. I just completed a meditation by Dr. Joe Dispenza called “The Blessing of the Energy Centers – 2.” I love his work for it opens me up to new ideas and concepts that verify to me why the philosophy of Science of Mind in practice works. I understand in a deeper way how Spiritual Mind Treatment is actually rewiring my brain and opening me up to changing my beliefs and thoughts.

So, how do we keep our vibration high in this challenging world of the 21st Century. Every day I am experiencing the pain and frustration of many people. I’m sure many of us have witnessed this in our own lives. So, how do we keep our vibration high? Well, firstly, we decide to do it. We make our spiritual practice, our meditation, our prayers, our uplifting readings, the most important thing in our day. We hang with people who feed our soul and whose soul we can feed. We let go of the things we cannot change and embrace those things about ourselves that we can change.

Right now, I am experiencing the healing of my retina. It takes my courage and faith every day to stay with the healing process and yet still know that I am Divine and unfolding perfectly. Any disease that we experience is occurring because of low frequencies in our vibration. We might be stuck in trying to control things or anger or guilt or deep grief. It is not saying that we should not feel our emotions, but I am saying that we get to choose to raise those emotions to gratitude, joy and love. We can still mourn our friends and loved ones without become morbid and stuck. We can let go of the control of the things that are none of our business. We can allow people to express themselves without our need to change them. We can ask for Divine guidance for our path.

Today, I am contemplating all of this and also turning my life to the things that give me joy. I will practice gratitude and celebrate my unfolding health. I will give loving thoughts to those friends who have recently passed and encircle them with the gratitude I feel for their lives. And, I’ll get our taxes done with ease and grace. Hah! How’s that?

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Spiritual Director CSL Kaua`i, Spiritual Coach

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