Is Looking for the Good Spiritually By-Passing?

The Universe is harmonious. Perhaps, sometimes it seems like this is not true. However, if the Universe was not harmonious we would not survive for one moment. It is only when we act in disharmony with the Universe and each other (which is one thing), that we have imbalance or disharmony. So, it comes down to us. What are we thinking? How are we acting? Are we aligned with Good?

In the New Thought Philosophy, we are sometimes accused of being too airy-fairy about the word “Good.” We use it lightly and superficially. We are said to deny the realities of the conditional world by spiritually bypassing what’s really going on.

I am a New Thought minister and philosopher who has studied and practiced for well over 25 years. I’ve gone through my own trials and tribulations while advancing my consciousness. I can say that all was not always good in the world of form. I do not look at the reality of conditions and just say all is good. What I do say is energy cannot be destroyed for created. It can only change. If we do not make the decision to focus on the Good, we will remain in the disharmony and suffering.

What does it mean to focus on the Good? It means we live in a mental Universe. What we focus on is. Behind everything there is a pure energy that has never been touched by anything. It is eternal, it is changeless and it is only awaiting the impress of our thought. This Energy is us,. We are a wave in this eternal void of pure potentiality. I know this is true. I trust it and I create from it. This is what I do when I give Spiritual Mind Treatment. I am declaring that the Good come forth into expression.

Everything is temporary, except this Energy. All forms are temporary. Our existence here on earth is temporary. Anything that we see is temporary. The only thing lasting is the Energy from which all things come.

Why is this important? For me, it is important because I know that it is how I respond to what is going on that matters. If I choose to perceive that everything happening has the Power of Good behind it, waiting to transform it into harmony, then I have something on which to work. The more I focus on harmony, the more it will come forth. Chaos is normal when change is present. Eventually the chaos will find order. This is a Law of the Universe. Chaos just means that change is taking place. We get to be part of the change for Good, but we have to choose to do so. We have to look into the chaos and see the Good forming.

So, the next time, someone tells you that you are spiritually by-passing by saying that all is Good, don’t try to defend yourself? Take their accusation in and think about it and decide which is the better way to see the world. If you feel that seeing everything as evil and corrupt will make a better world, then go for it. If you feel seeing everything as a greater expression of a Good unfolding creates a better world, go for it. It’s all up to us. Choose this day whom you will serve!

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Co-Spiritual Director CSL Kaua`i, Spiritual Coach, Author

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One thought on “Is Looking for the Good Spiritually By-Passing?

  1. The key is to prioritize Absolute over relative! You say this so beautifully when you say that all is not always good in the world of form. We see something and judge it “not good” but we can’t stop there. We must continue on to what’s behind it, the energy/consciousness generating and composing it.

    A mantra that helps me with this is: “May it benefit all beings.” No matter how “not good” something appears, whether it’s something that already happened, is happening, or I feel anxiety that it will happen, if I set my intention that WHATEVER happens, may it benefit all beings, then I find some peace. I can then rest in the good, focus on manifesting the good, knowing that whatever seems “not good” is in the hands of Spirit which will use anything and everything for good. I suppose it’s a reminder that my small self can only do so much, but the most important thing is to intend universal love.


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