Find Your True Voice

The question I have today is how does one find their True Voice and feel confident speaking anywhere to anyone no matter what. I have worked with and trained many people who feel nervous when they have to speak in public. I was one of those people at one time. Let’s even take it beyond public speaking. What about just speaking up for yourself? How does one find their True Voice and use it? Well, it really is simple in theory, but putting it into action might seem risky. You will have to be willing to let go and trust.

First of all, take a breath, you don’t have to find your True Voice; instead, it’s a matter of revealing it. If you are afraid to speak up, I believe you are speaking from your finite self. You are speaking and wondering if what you say will be significant or if it is as good as someone else’s voice. You are covering up your True Voice with your doubts and insecurities.

You might be experiencing a voice within that is not totally supportive of you? That voice is usually a voice from an unsupportive past. It is the things others have told you, your parents or so-called friends who perhaps didn’t support you. I remember being told to shut up because I didn’t know anything. “Children should be seen not heard.” I remember standing up in front of my class to read my papers in grade school with shaking hands. You get the point. If I am speaking with trepidation now, I can be sure I am speaking and acting from past recordings in my head. Many of us have these past recordings on replay. It’s time to hit the erase button forever. Your True Voice is important.

When we speak with trust and faith and love, it is what I call our Higher Self coming through. Our Higher Self always knows what to say. Our Higher Self knows when to listen, when to be quiet and when to speak out. Our Higher Self will never be at a loss for words. If we take a deep breath, listen, allow and surrender to this Higher Self and stop the judgement, we will be speaking in complete alignment and we will speak with confidence. Our True Voice, is our True Self. It is a life-affirming voice. It speaks from a loving place even in a confrontation. It doesn’t push. It is not defensive.

I am someone who has written over 4000 blogs in my True Voice. I have sung in front of thousands in my True Voice. I have been speaking to my congregation at CSL Kaua`i for over 9 years in my True Voice. I’ve given Spiritual Mind Treatments out loud with my True Voice. On the other hand, I have also done these things with hesitation, fear and trepidation. I can tell you when that doubt, fear or judgement comes in, it means that I have regressed to thinking my finite self is talking, singing, writing. I’ve gone back to those past recordings that tell me I am not good enough; instead of knowing I am great just as I am.

When we can finally release these doubts and fears about ourselves, when we stop second guessing, we are free to give our gift to the world. No one can give our unique gift or speak in our True Voice. It’s like our thumb print. It is unique and has never been replicated.

I invite us all to trust our True Voice today by centering, listening deeply, and allowing ourselves to release our inner splendor. That Voice might be weak at first, but don’t get discouraged. The more we use it, the easier and stronger it gets. Just saying we want to try, is a signal to the Universe to take us the rest of the way. I invite you to find some little way to use your True Voice today.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Co-Spiritual Director CSL Kaua`i, Spiritual Coach and Author of “What Do I Need to KNOW? 101 Thoughts That Changed My Life.” Available on AMAZON

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