My Life is Unfolding Perfectly…Further Understanding

When I first learned about this Philosophy called “The Science of Mind,” there was a lot going on in my life. I was going through a divorce. I was experiencing the heavy burden of debt. I also had some health issues. My creativity felt like it was blocked. I couldn’t get ahead. If someone had told me that my life was unfolding perfectly, I would have told them to get lost for sure.

However, I didn’t know what this information meant. Now I do, and if I had understood and used it then, I’m sure I would have moved out of my victim state more quickly, and my life would have flowed with much more ease and grace. However, each of us have a journey, and it cannot be rushed.

Let me further explain my understanding of this affirmation, “My life is unfolding perfectly…no matter what.” What we tell ourselves, what we think about, truly matters. We are constantly impressing on the one Mind, the Field, the Creative Medium…whatever you want to call it. It is a mental Universe, and as we perceive and think about our life, so it is. We can not escape this.

Most of us are aware of the Law of Attraction. This is what I am talking about. If we can begin to look for what we say we want to see, to experience, we will find it. If we see and feel only despair or anger about our life, we will attract more experiences to give us reasons to feel anger or despair. It’s scientific. Emotions get trapped in our bodies, we get addicted to the chemicals of those emotions and we hunger to reproduce that addiction. This is why those of us from turbulent backgrounds sometimes attract more turbulent relationships over and over, until we become conscious of our habits of thinking. Self-Love is a healer for sure.

For me, when I contemplate and affirm and meditate on the knowing that “My Life is unfolding perfectly… not matter what,” I am releasing a whole set of new chemicals into my body. This statement is one of gratitude and any of us that have ever practiced gratitude knows how much that one emotion can give us more to be grateful for. Again, it is scientific and can be proven by each of us.

There is no way around the fact that there are Spiritual Laws that govern us. Every mystic throughout the history of this planet has re-affirmed that “as we think, so it is.” When someone tells me that there life isn’t unfolding perfectly, I understand that this might be true right now, but if he or she wants to turn the boat around, then they must turn around their attitude.

Also, knowing that my life is unfolding perfectly means that I am always guarded, guided and protected by the Highest Consciousness that is my True Self. It is guiding me to the right experiences and walking me through every challenge to a loving, peaceful and harmonious solution. Maybe, if I just listen, I will truly hear that which is calling me to my perfectly unfolding life. As I turn to the Universe/Source/God…it turns to me. Am I fighting what is instead of accepting solutions? Am I refusing to open up to the gifts presented to me? Am I practicing gratitude? Do I believe that there is a solution?

When we say that Life is Good, we are not denying that sometimes things are a mess and that everything is perfect when it isn’t. We are saying that the natural essence of Life is harmonious and good. If it we focus our attention on that Knowing, our lives will shift for the better and the better and the better.

What are you insisting on about your life? I know that where my attention goes, so my life goes. I know that everything is energy and begins as energy. I work on this everyday. I have my own trials and I am aware of many people who are suffering right now. However, I will never give up on the Knowing that Life is beautiful, good and always moving in my favor. This earth school is the place where we can learn that Spiritual Thought Force is greater than material resistance. It takes practice, perseverance, and patience.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Spiritual Director CSL Kaua`i, Spiritual Coach and Author


One thought on “My Life is Unfolding Perfectly…Further Understanding

  1. I’m insisting, what you put into words, “that Spiritual Thought Force is greater than material resistance.”
    Through my trials and suffering, I glimpse unfolding Life, unbroken and unbreakable, whereas, over and again, material resistance breaks under the weight of substantial divine Mind, Love.
    Our neighbor lost her husband to cancer a year ago and had to sell her house. She resisted selling her things, it was too sad, she’d say, but now she has no time to sell things. A few days ago, when she was so stressed, near breaking, someone spoke these words to her with love, “You are beautiful and it isn’t these things that make you beautiful, so they can’t break you.”
    Her eyes filled with tears and her consciousness shifted. She’s been letting go ever since. Those of us who have been helping her, all feel better and can agree when she no longer talks about, “being so sad,” and now admits, “I’m really not a materialistic person. I’m free.”


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