Where Have You Gone, My Little One?

There is an old song called “Turn Around” It is about a parent singing of his/her little girl growing up. The song summarizes that life is moving forward constantly. We cannot hold onto the past. There is a turning around and around in life. The little girl becomes a woman and then a mother and then asks her child the same thing, “Where have you gone, my little one?”

The phrase about turning around is significant to me. I just heard a talk by Steve Jobs the other day where he emphasized that life can only truly be understood from a higher perspective by looking back. Only then, can you connect the dots. You will find wisdom by connecting those dots. You will find forgiveness in the trail of breadcrumbs that you follow back to an event that perhaps was hurtful, that you are holding onto, that you have forgotten or buried. You will see how that event brought you here to today. You will see the the gifts in what seemed like tragedy.

Where have you gone? the question asked in the song “Turn Around”, brought this idea up in my consciousness. Where has my little girl gone and what patterns in her life are replicas of unresolved issues from the past? Can she let go, forgive and find the gifts, the wisdom? The answer is yes. However, in order to do this one must truly look at the event. One must claim that it did indeed happen and then one most feel whatever feelings it brings up. After that happens, there is a healing place within each of us that takes care of the rest. It is our heart, the powerful brain that holds all our hurts and will transmute them with love, our TRUE ESSENCE and then wisdom.

Forgiveness is not about forgetting what happened to us. Forgiveness is about for(giving). It is for giving. It is for giving ourselves first and then for giving love out into the Field where it is felt by everyone, no matter if they are gone from this plane of existence or are somewhere else.

The other night a conversation I had with a group of people seemed very much about them and their situation, but because of that conversation something was healed in me. The Universe is always conspiring in our favor. I didn’t know this until the next day, but it is clear to me that when we open up to love, Spirit guides our path to all solutions.

Where have you gone my little one? You might have been running away and trying to escape, but all the time, as you were growing up, and something was always guiding you back to the place of healing.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Siritual Director CSL Kaua`i & the Institute of Magnificence, Practitioner of Metaphysics, Author of “This Thing Called Treatment” and “What Do I Need to KNOW?” available here on AMAZON

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