Are You Undercover?

“You’re Perfect, You’re Golden,” sings the New Thought artist, Jami Lula in his song “Perfect.”

Do we believe we are perfect? “Sometimes,” some people will say, but most people will say, “Never. I couldn’t be perfect.” They are thinking that perfection is about what we do and how we do it. We are always striving for perfection. However, I am not talking about that. I am talking about our innate Nature, the essence of who we truly are – One Perfect Universe!

I would love for us all to embrace this Perfection, beginning we me. These are not just words, it is the whole basis of the Science of Mind Philosophy and the Truth of healing. If we do not believe we are perfect already, we couldn’t heal because we cannot create perfection from imperfection.

Some people will argue that the world is a mess and that there are bad people out there. Once Sadasivanathaswami at the Hindu Monastery asked me about this very topic. “How do you explain the presence of evil in the world to others.” It’s really quite simple, but not always understood. There is no such thing as evil. There is only the covering up of the Perfection. People might act in evil ways, but they are not evil. Remember the little girl that was reprimanded for making a mess, “You are a mess!” said her teacher. The little girl replied, “I might have made a mess, but I am not a mess.”

Perhaps it is the same way with us. We sometimes make a mess of our lives, but we are not a mess. We just didn’t remember who we were. Emma Curtis Hopkins, the great healer and mystic of the 20th Century, wrote that “… Everything is seeking its good: the thief, the worm that crawls on your feet. The prince that reels from the banquet hall, intoxicated.” Emma encourages us to, …take the word Good and let it lie before you like a great white stone. It has revealing power,” she writes. Can we believe this? Can we believe there is only Good or the covering up of Good?

I believe we all want health. We all want prosperity. We all want to have love in our lives. We want to be creative and express ourselves in a multitude of ways. When we are covering up our Perfection, we are not expressing our totality. We are as Jesus would have said, “Hiding our light under a bushel.” I believe the best thing we can do for the world right now is to be our selves. our True Selves, our true colors. No more hiding.

This week I spent most of my time moving matter from one location to another – our old home to our new home. It wasn’t easy, but it happened. It happened because I said it would. I didn’t take no for an answer. There was a Perfection, called the perfect move from one address to another. It takes faith, trust and moving with the flow of life to reveal Perfection. If is possible for me, it is possible for everyone.

When we were at the Hindu Monastery during the Sacred Journey, there were a group of people who kept complaining about moving their bodies about and how they just couldn’t – their legs hurt, their backs hurt, etc. The Swami that was guiding us stopped everyone and asked them to stop talking about their ailments. I’m paraphrasing, but he said, “Talking about it makes it so. Start affirming your perfection.”

There is one perfect Universe. It moves in all its perfection, creating galaxies and keeping planets spinning in space. We, ourselves, are spinning in space right now. Whoever created that didn’t make a mistake and we are not a mistake either. We are made of stardust as Carl Sagan wrote. The same energy in a star is our energy.

The day that we embrace Unity and Oneness will be the day when we will reveal our Perfection. Nothing moves but the Spirit and it is moving through us right now.

Much Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Co-Founding Director CSL Kaua`i and the Institute of Magnificence and Author of “What Do I Need to KNOW? 101 Thoughts That Changed My Life” and “This Thing Called Treatment,” both available on Amazon.

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