Are You A Wizard?

Recently, out of curiosity, I took one of those quizzes that tell you what kind of person you might be or what your personality traits equal in the way of life experience. I just couldn’t help myself, but now I know why I usually do not allow myself to do these kinds of tests. I […]

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A Sacred Tour

People go on sacred tours to places like the Holy Land and Machu Picchu and other places. I am on a sacred tour with my husband, and we are in the San Francisco area where he grew up. The purpose of this trip is closure and healing on many aspects of his life and also […]

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Passion Only?

One of the definitions of the word “passion” is: “intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction.” I can get into this definition and have had this sensation many times in my life. I have, in the past, had passionate feelings about issues in the world, about my own life, about other people, etc. I can […]

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What Do I Think About Me?

As I woke up this morning and contemplated that it has been a little over four weeks since my retina surgery, I had an amazing discovery. It is not really anything new, but it registered with me in a new way. I do not need to create a process of healing to make me slow […]

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