What Do I Think About Me?

As I woke up this morning and contemplated that it has been a little over four weeks since my retina surgery, I had an amazing discovery. It is not really anything new, but it registered with me in a new way. I do not need to create a process of healing to make me slow down. I also realized that I’ve been listening to a lot of chatter about how I do too much, and I’ve even been telling myself the same thing. Maybe, this is just my true personality: not doing too much but more of an excitement for what I do. I love what I do and the life I have.

Ernest Holmes once wrote, “Life is a mirror and reflects back to the thinker what he thinks into it.” I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and it hasn’t always been constructive for myself. Emma Curtis Hopkins’ voice is loud in my ear. It is this particular phrase from her “Radiant I Am.”

“I have been a listening disciple. I have let people and objects and activities
come toward me and impinge upon me till I have been over piled and mountain covered
with thoughts. But now I know that I AM at my own Center, authority over and
through my universe, and I shall ordain my twelve disciples, or my twelve powers, to
spread my Original Nature abroad till from me to the utmost stretches all is my Divine

She is giving me a push to remember that I get to decide what I will think, and that I am authority over my own life. So, what does this mean to me? It means I must take responsibility for what I am, who I am and for the direction my life is taking. I get to decide how much I want to do and not do, and what I want to do and not do, and what I think about it all. In fact, it all starts with what I think about it all.

So, right now, I am turning the wheel of causation in the direction, not just of my healing, but to my ability to have, do and be whatever it is that I decide in that moment. It might change, too, and that is okay. I am clear as to the destiny I am creating for myself. It includes love, creativity, prosperity and health. It includes being the person with whom I want to have as my companion or companions.

Today is a new day. Our theme this coming month is “Re-awaken!” I most definitely feel re-awakened today. I trust there is some nugget here for you and your re-awakening. Just remember, you are at the helm of your own ship.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Spiritual Director CSL Kaua`i, Spiritual Coach

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