Our Greatest Self is Calling

In the Science of Mind, Ernest Holmes writes, “Humanity has compelled nature to do its bidding. We have harnessed electricity, caught the wind, trapped steam and made them do our will. We have invented machines to do the work of thousands. We have belted the globe with our traffic, and built up a wonderful civilization, […]

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Give In-To It!

In the Abundance Project, created by John Randolph Price, we are to become aware of the Presence of Spirit or Life Force or our Higher Power as the supply of our life. As we do this, what happens is that we are creating our life from First Cause rather than by a reaction to outside […]

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Life Expressed is You

I do not believe that we have to find our passion. Our passion is who we are. As I use the word passion, I am referring to the Divine Urge that is that very power within us that is moving through us to express life. Life wants to express itself and it moves through all […]

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Where is Your Focus?

“The subjective state of thought is the creative medium within us, which fact psychology has proven beyond any question of doubt.” Ernest Holmes SCIENCE OF MIND 489 This same truth has been spoken through the mouths of all the mystics through the ages. The subconscious is the builder of the body or of our affairs. […]

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