The Healer – Part 1

Well, I recently sat with someone who told me she had been to a healer. The person said it with much excitement, stating that she had never had quite that experience before. I had worked with this person several weeks ago, and witnessed a great healing in her life. I’m not sure she related it […]

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The Big You Wants to Play

I heard these words this morning and took them to heart: “There’s a big you locked up inside just waiting to come out.” This week is the beginning of our 8th Annual Sacred Journey here on the Island of Kaua`i. There are 17 participants coming to enjoy 7 days of delving into their deepest selves. […]

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How Dare You!

All month long we have been talking about being daring. Our mantra has been “I dare to embrace my magnificence!” The question is have I dared to embrace my magnificence all month long? Ernest Holmes once wrote, “Dare to love God without mediator and without veil.” The Power of the One Spirit is in and through […]

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How Precious Life Is

“In conclusion, what the world needs now is spiritual conviction, followed by spiritual experience. I would rather see a student of this Science prove its Principle than to have him repeat all the words of wisdom that have ever been uttered. It is far easier to teach the Truth than it is to practice It.” […]

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I Double Dare You!

The term “double dare” has different definitions. The one I choose to use for the sake of this blog is “a challenge that is harder or naughtier than a regular dare.” Now I’m not going to dare you to do anything naughty, but I am going to continue to dare you and myself to dare […]

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Dream…Then Live…

Vincent Van Gogh was wrote, “I dream of painting; then I paint my dream.” This is significant to me in my own life. My dream of what life can be must be lived. In other words, there are to steps to living: Using our imaginations and then acting from that place. It is not enough […]

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Our Chief Illusion

Empowerment coach, teacher, author and motivational speaker, Bob Proctor wrote, “Man’s chief delusion is his conviction that there are causes outside of his own consciousness.” I agree and I know and believe that this is more than an idea. It can be proven. Our Consciousness is everything. It will change our experience because we will […]

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