Stay the Course

I’ve been thinking of this idea of staying the course. I hear in nautical terms it has something to do with the steering of a ship. Sometimes those who sail have to make small turns to adjust to the wind or avoid a storm, but you must always stay the course. “Because water currents or […]

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Musings on Turning 70

As I about to enter a new decade, I take a deep breath and sit in wonder of the life I have lived up to this point. I cannot believe how many lives I’ve lived within this one life of 70 years. If I look back, I hardly recognize myself. Do you ever feel this […]

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The Master Architect

An architect is “a person who designs and guides a plan or undertaking.” An architect doesn’t build anything. He designs it. Yes, he or she might advise on the construction, and might know what will withstand the elements of time and space where the building lies, but the architect is not picking up the hammer […]

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Everything is Mind

Some of us might not want to admit it, but how we think means everything to our lives. In our philosophy called the Science of Mind, we do not teach people what to think, but how to think. But, how does one teach someone how to think. This is a good question. We learn how […]

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“I Set My Own Tone”

“What will this day be like, I wonder,” sings Maria Von Trapp in the Sound of Music (the film). Today, I heard the answer to this question, given by Esther Hicks in a short video: “I set my own tone.” I love this affirmation. “I set my own tone” means I get to decide how […]

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Free of Minutia/e

As I enter the 2nd day of our stay-cation here on the west end of the Island of Kaua`i, I am just landing. It has been a full time for us since June of 2022 and before. In fact, our life is always full and busy as Spiritual Directors of a growing Center. What am […]

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Say Grace!

When I was growing up in a Catholic home, it was mandatory and traditional to say what is called Grace before our meals. It went like this: Bless us, O Lord, and these Thy gifts, which we are about to receive from Thy bounty, through Christ our Lord. Amen. That prayer became rote and memorized […]

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The Voice

There is a Voice within us that is not just any voice. It is the Voice of our True Self. It is the Voice of what I call Intuition. It doesn’t just give us a hunch that we should do something. When we hear this Voice, we Know beyond any shadow of a doubt that […]

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Once Upon an Upgrade

And so, I have spent the last five days with my mentor and dear friend Dr. James Mellon. I’ve reconnected with many of my colleagues and friends and met new ones. I’ve been on a retreat in Joshua Tree, taught a workshop on my book “What Do I Need to KNOW?,” led a labyrinth walk […]

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