Turn Away from the Condition

In the teaching called The Science of Mind and Spirit we have a mental tool to use when wanting to change something for the better in our lives. It states to “turn entirely away from the condition.” (Ernest Holmes). This statement is sometimes misconstrued to mean that we are in denial of what is really […]

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Easy Does It!

Our subconscious mind merges with the universal subjective, therefore making us universal on the subjective side of life. What does this mean? Well, there is one Field of unlimited potential and possibility. The only way to use it in an unlimited way is to surrender our consciousness of limitation to infinite possibilities. It is a […]

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Relax Into It

Today, I am reminded of a story of a young minister who was so nervous when he was asked to speak at the last minute by Dr. Ernest Holmes. He was calmed by Dr. Holmes telling him to “Relax into It.” These three words calm me any time I feel any apprehension about doing something […]

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Season of Light

We refer to this time of year – December – as the Season of Light, but what does that really mean? We string lights on our houses and light up our trees. We set our Christmas tree up and we make sure we have plenty of lights. We light candles for Hanukah. We experience candle […]

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Emergent Evolution is Real

When the Universe makes a demand upon itself, it meets that demand. It is called emergent evolution. “It is the kind of evolution that takes place in the necessity of the condition.” Ernest Holmes I am a firm believer in emergent evolution. I use this power anytime I am up against a challenge in my […]

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Let us Harmonize Together

“The Nature of First Cause is that it is harmonious. If there were an element of inharmony, discord or decay anywhere in Its Nature, It would destroy Itself.” Ernest Holmes What is First Cause but the Unified Field of Intelligence, the One Energy and Source. It is constantly pouring Itself into the Soul of the […]

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We Can Be Kind

“We can be kind. We can take care of each other. We can remember that deep down inside we all need the same thing.” David Friedman I love the lyrics of the song “We Can Be Kind.” The notion of kindness is so simple; and, yet, seems to be difficult for so many of us. […]

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A Little Bit More of Me

Five years ago, almost to the day, CSL Kaua`i took a mental leap to move into its own full-time space. We pushed beyond our limits by upping our rent and expenses to fulfill our obligation to have this beautiful space. Five years later, here we have signed another lease and upping our game again. CSL […]

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Nothing Comes from Nothing…

As my husband and I sat drinking our coffee this morning and thinking about the world right now, we had a conversation about how something can come from nothing, which was the topic of our talk at CSL Kaua`i yesterday. Ernest Holmes wrote, “Creation does not mean making something out of nothing. Creation is the […]

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