How Old Is Your Soul?

In meditation, I asked myself the question, “Who am”? I kept asking until suddenly I was catapulted to the time of my birth here on earth. I felt the glaring lights of the delivery room. I felt myself being held by the doctor. It was cold. I felt my mother’s wonder and my father’s seeming confusion/disappointment that I wasn’t a boy. I felt something akin to excitement that I was here. I’d come with all the wisdom of something I couldn’t define. In the moment of meditation, another question came to me, “How old is your soul?”

When I brought myself back to this moment. I kept asking that question until a realization came that those words were part of a song. I found the song and I wept when listening to it. It was a song by Jason Marz called “I Won’t Give Up on Us?”

I am as old as the stars. I am the impulsion that created life. I am eternal. If I ever need to know anything, all I need to do is listen. There is not an answer that isn’t in my soul because my soul lives in the Soul of the Universe. How much of that Soul am I conscious of is the question and the answer.

As Jason Marz sings in his song, “I won’t give up on us,” I feel the urge never to give up on us (me, my soul; the Soul of the Universe. We are eternal. We know how to evolve. For the first time in this civilization we are doing it consciously.

I’m sure there were many other civilizations. In fact, there are civilizations right now transpiring and co-existing with this one. I’m sure there must be. I do not totally comprehend Infinity, but I believe in it. I cannot feel a beginning to myself.

So now, as I look at the state of things in the world of form, I look through it, around it and into it. I step back and see that it is the great play of life upon itself (as Ernest Holmes would call it.)

What is my place in it? It is right here where I am. It is being Rita. It is staying centered in Spiritual Principles. What are Spiritual Principles? For me, I ask, “What would Love do right now?”

Would it call a congress person? Would it go back into prayer? Where is my influence? I can only be right here, moving from this place, this soul that moves in the one Soul. I am an influence in my centeredness and I act from it now. Sometimes that action is physical. Sometimes it is verbal. Sometimes it is just picking up a piece of litter, knowing it is my litter as well as the person who dropped it. Sometimes, it is just singing my favorite song. Sometimes, it is being good to myself. Sometimes, it is visiting someone in the hospital or picking up the phone when I get the prompting to call someone I haven’t spoken to in a while.

Divine Intuition lives in all of us. It is the Soul of us. It doesn’t need anything but a listening ear and an open heart.


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