Prayer Changes Everything

Last night, I woke up with thousands of thoughts going through my head. I just couldn’t settle down. My husband would call it “thoughts gone wild.” I tossing a bit and my husband asked what was going on. “I’m thinking, ” I said. “I’m not necessarily worried about anything, just sitting in the place of wanting control.Yes, it is a matter of wanting control.” I further explained that I wanted control over what was going on with a friend of mine to making sure a certain financial burp was resolved now. Other thoughts crowded my mind.

And so, my husband began to do a Spiritual Mind Treatment. I was receptive and I began to relax. I began to have a sense of trust and calm. Nothing changed,  only my mind. I drifted off to sleep only to wake up this morning.

What happens when we do a Spiritual Mind Treatment (our form of prayer)? Something most definitely changes and that thing that changes is our consciousness. Treatment changes consciousness and allows us to perceive the ever-present Good that is innately ours, waiting to be recognized. A Practitioner assists you in walking home until you can walk on your own.

It doesn’t make something out of nothing, nor is it like pulling a rabbit out of a hat. It isn’t magic or filled with superstition. It is scientific! It is merely uncovering the Truth within us, which is God is all there is. We pray from the Divine Presence, knowing that it is our identity. All that it is we are. Love, peace, harmony, beauty, wisdom, health, abundance, etc. is our natural state of being. We always give gratitude for these gifts demonstrated in our life, and then we merely let go.

Letting go is the most important part. That is where the trust and faith comes in. Ernest Holmes would say that we forget about the Law and only remember that our Word is the power. The Law just is and it makes everything so.

Treatment works because it is Law. There is creative field, creative medium and ever-forming substance that makes things from whatever we impress upon it. When I think about what I was impressing upon it last night, all I can say is that I would have reaped confusion. However, treatment assisted me in directing my thoughts to Truth and trusting in the Law to make that Truth so. In this case, a peaceful mind and a peaceful sleep.

I am grateful for Spiritual Mind Treatment. I use it everyday all the time. It is a direct and powerful way to reveal our Good in any area of our life.

Prayer changes everything when it is filled with love and feeling and backed by faith. “Love leads the way, and Law makes the way possible.” It’s as simple as that. The great Master Teacher, Jesus said it a bit differently: “It is done unto you as you believe.”


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