You Are Perfect!

Have you ever focused on your Spiritual Perfection? Do you realize how perfect you really are? I’m not sure that many of us do. Yesterday, I ready a passage from This Thing Called You by Ernest Holmes. He wrote, “…If we could but become aware of our spiritual perfection we could not help but heal.” He wasn’t just talking about physical healing. He was talking about healing of everything.

What is healing? In the Science of Mind, healing is revealing our true selves. What is revealing our true selves? It is being totally aware of our Divine Selves, thinking from that place, acting from that place, knowing ourselves and others from that place. Ernest is right. We couldn’t help but be healed and heal this planet at the same time.

Yesterday, I tried my best to do this. I had to keep reminding myself whenever something came up. I realized that it was not my first nature yet. I still gt trapped in the world of form and conditions. Living in the world of conditions from the place within is a great adventure. Proving that spiritual thought force is stronger than material resistance is a daily moment-by-moment opportunity.

There is a place within each of us that knows that we are perfect. If there weren’t, we wouldn’t long for it. Even those of us that are less conscious find ourselves wondering sometimes if this is all there is. We know in the deep of us that there is something great within us, above us and beyond our daily living.

We are in such a big evolutionary leap right now. We are consciously choosing to evolve, and that is why things seem to be going faster. Do your days fly? Can you believe it is already March of 2017? Time isn’t speeding up. We are just more present than ever.

I invite all of us to take moments today to just be aware of our spiritual perfection. It can start with something as simple as focusing on how natural it is to breathe. Think of the trillions of cells whose only job is YOU. Life is always working on your behalf in perfection. I do not believe we see with our eyes – only by means of our eyes. The same with our hearing. Infinite Intelligence and Love is expressing as each of us. We are pure Spirit and the only thing that stands in the way of our awareness of this is us. As Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote… all we need do is “get our bloated nothingness out of the way.” That nothingness would be our own denial of our True Self.

We are perfect. If we weren’t, we couldn’t exist for one moment.


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