Can We Have a Little More Faith, Please?

What is Faith? I define it as a positive mental attitude that cannot be argued with. It knows what it knows. Faith is a mental power that knows that what it believes in is already so. Faith does move the mountains of our life, not by force, but by the gentle acceptance that all is always well.

I have Faith in the process of life. My Faith has been tested a lot this week. There have been many instances that have stirred the pot of doubt and fear, which is the opposite of Faith: Faith misplaced. However, those are the times when I must have a little more Faith.

Yes, for me, Faith does grow. It grows as I use it. Like any talent or even learning a language, remember that statement, “Use it or lose it.” It’s the same with Faith. Faith must be practiced, just like forgiveness or any other mental attitude. We don’t get to put it away for a rainy day. It must be practiced everyday in every instance. How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice…practice…practice…

There are many outward appearances that would test our Faith in life’s process, but what if we just trusted that everything that was occurring was for our highest good? What if we trusted ourselves and knew that there could be nothing in front of us that was not up to the Power within us.

I invite us all to practice having a little more Faith today. How? Try relaxing and trusting and focusing on what you want instead of fearing what might happen. Try doing something that stimulates your Faith today like focusing on how amazing the Universe is and how orderly and balanced everything works together just so we can be here. We are that Universe. We are that harmony and balance. It is always operating in our life at every level.

We might say it is difficult to have Faith in times like these; however, I believe that in times like these, like other times like these, Faith was and is the only way to rise above it all. Faith leads us to do good. It leads us to appreciating and being grateful. Faith keeps us present and filled with love.

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