…as you believe…

These simple words were spoken by the Master Teacher, Jesus. “It is done unto you as you believe.” The operative word is “as.” It’s not just about believing. We can say we believe, but do we believe it is done unto us as we believe. What is the It? The only thing that makes sense to me is that there must be a correspondence between what I say I believe and what I actually experience.

Today, I say I believe that all the good in life is mine? I say I believe that everything is happening for my highest good. I say I believe that I am always taken care of? I must really test myself. Do I really believe this? Is it done unto me? As I look out at my life, I can see what I believe. It is a mirror. If I am only experiencing a little good, then that is what I believe. If I am upset by what is happening in my life, then that is what I believe. If I am always worried about my future, looking out with uncertainty, then that is what I believe.

How do I change what I believe? There is only one way. I must choose to. I must make a conscious choice to drop and old belief and replace it with a new one. It is like deciding to plant beans where peas once grew. It’s as easy as digging up the roots and seeds of the peas, making sure the ground is clean and planting the bean seeds. Then I must water and nurture that soil. I must get my shadow out-of-the-way, so that the light of love can shine on it. I must believe in those beans before I even see them. I cannot see the burst that little seed beneath the soil as it reaches for the sun, but I can believe that it is happening right now. I must have faith.

It is done unto me as I believe. I didn’t make the bean plant grow nor did I create the sun or make water. It is all here for me to use. It is all here to assist me. It is only a matter of acceptance. It is a matter of faith. It is a matter of making a choice ot believe and then taking steps backed by that believe.

What do you believe about life right now? Check in with your feelings. You can’t change your feelings; however, you can change the belief that created them. The most powerful thing we possess is our mind. It is a fertile garden. We are the farmer and the seed. We hold the hoe, the shovel, the water, and the sun shines through us.

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