I’m Back!

I’m back, but I’m not the same. Over a month ago, I wrote my last blog called Consciousness on Demand. I said I was taking a leave of absence. I wanted to step out into the void after writing a particular way for over six years. Here is what I’ve discovered this past month.

Firstly, I love the fact that I am always at choice. I had enslaved myself to my blog. Interestingly, like many addictions, we feel trapped. We think we are not at choice to stop. I believe I was addicted to my blog. I felt that if I missed a day, I was somehow failing myself. My blog had become more of “proving something to myself,” than actually inspiring myself. Well, after missing over 30 days, I feel more empowered and inspired than ever.

Secondly, I found that when I had extra time in the morning, I still filled it. “Nature abhors a vacuum. It’s true. I loved the freedom of reading, writing if I wanted to, even doing a crossword puzzle, and finding more time to deeply meditate. I really needed that. It was wonderful to sit in meditation for as long as I wanted to.

Thirdly, I found that I missed writing regularly. In fact, it was such a huge gap in my daily practice that I had to bring it back. So, I’m back.

Will I be here everyday. No, I don’t think so. However, when I am here, I will share honestly with you. I named this blog “Love Changes Everything,” because I believe it is the only answer to today’s challenges. Some people scoff at these words, thinking that “Love” is a cliché. However, I’m not talking about clichés or idle words of love. I’m not talking about lovers or valentines. I am talking about deep abiding love for ourselves. I am talking about knocking down all our walls of self-condemnation, peeling back the layers of mediocrity and really living from Love.

Love changes everything. It changes the way we wake up in the morning. It changes the way we fall asleep at night. It changes the way we deal with our neighbor and with the world’s politics. Love makes us stand up in our authenticity. Love takes courage. As Ernest Holmes once wrote, “Love is a Cosmic Force whose sweep is irresistible.” Mediate on those words for a moment. The whole answer to Life soars through me when I realize that the Cosmic Force that he was speaking about is you and it is me. It is the rosebud that cannot help but open for love’s sake. It is the forest in an acorn.

Another final thing I’ll say about what I learned from this last month is that life is a banquet. Everyday we have so many opportunities as creative beings to express ourselves. Limiting ourselves to a particular job or pastime is a waste of a Cosmic Force that is longing for greater and greater expression We are unique. We are forever expanding.

My birthday is tomorrow, March 12. I’m celebrating 64 years on Planet Earth. I feel like I’ve just begun.


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