Can “Flat Stanley” Answer a Prayer?”

I’ve been wanting to write down this experience I’ve had for the past while because it so perfectly exemplifies how the Law of our Being works through us in every moment.

My relationship with my son and his family has been a distant one. There is most definitely love present, but it is sometimes blocked by the expectations that each of us put upon each other. I have been affirming lately that this relationship is improving and doing Spiritual Mind Treatment and work on my own mind for that improvement.

This is where “Flat Stanley” enters. If you are not familiar with “Flat Stanley,” it is a children’s fantasy book about a little boy who is flattened one night when a bulletin board falls on him. He goes on to have all sorts of adventures. In 1994, this book became a literacy program in schools. The children send “Flat Stanley” all over the world, and learn to not only write, but geography.

Well, back to my story. One day, my granddaughter unexpectantly decided that she wanted to send her “Flat Stanley” to me in Hawaii.¬† What an unexpected way to open back up the lines of communication between me and my son. And, it did.

We never know how the Law of our Being will bring things into manifestation. If we can get out-of-the-way of how we think things are going to happen, we open ourselves up to the Law working quickly and unexpectantly. If we state our desire and water it with expectancy and faith, untold blessings do come forth.

More about “Flat Stanley” at another time, but for now, I just want to convey the power of faith and love. There is always the perfect answer to every prayer and it is answered in the exact way the prayer needs in that moment. Unexpected good awaits those who have faith, trust and are willing to let go of will power and allow Divine Will to play out in their lives.


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