Signs of Land?

As far as the story has been told, Christopher Columbus’s crew cried mutiny! They were about to make him “walk the plank.” They were sure he’d led them astray, and they would be lost at sea forever. At just that moment, a seagull appeared with a branch in his mouth. And so, the term “Signs […]

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Sitting in the Mystery of Truth

I am reading a book right now called The Truth About Truth by Michael Dean Rogers.  It might be quite startling to some because it talks about Truth as uncertainty vs. certainty. Truth as being in the mystery. I understand this and I love the idea of uncertainty. Understanding that there is no such thing […]

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What Are You Afraid Of?

Today, when I awoke, I was thinking about my days in L.A. when I was pursuing an acting career. I wasn’t very successful in Hollywood; yet, when I was doing musical theater in Albuquerque, auditioning and performing with a full orchestra to over 1400 people at a time, I had a sense of being successful. […]

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