Sitting in the Mystery of Truth

I am reading a book right now called The Truth About Truth by Michael Dean Rogers.  It might be quite startling to some because it talks about Truth as uncertainty vs. certainty. Truth as being in the mystery.

I understand this and I love the idea of uncertainty. Understanding that there is no such thing as “The Truth” is quite freeing. It makes Jesus’ statement “You shall know the Truth and the Truth will set you free,” quite meaningful. Jesus never answered the question when Pilot asked him about Truth. The Truth about Truth is that it is an individual thing. Whatever we believe to be true is true. I cannot give you my Truth and you cannot give me yours. The journey to Truth is an individual and eternal journey.

I accept that life is uncertain. I accept that I might not know what is going to actually “happen” in the world of form today; however, I am certain about how I am reacting to what is happening. I am certain about my own consciousness.

Ernest Holmes once wrote, “We are grounded in Principle, but open at the top.” This is a profound metaphysical statement. Principle is Life. Principle flows through me and informs me that as I think, so it is. Principle informs me that everything I see is a mirror of my thoughts. Principle tells me that I am responsible for my experience. Principle tells me that everything is God or Infinite Intelligence, and that I and everyone else lives and moves and has their being in God. Principle is my truth and I can only know it as I feel it and experience it.

As far as the second part of Dr. Holmes’ statement, “…we are open at the top.” This speaks to me of the expansive and infinite Universe. It informs me that there is a mystery that I live in, and that more and more of the mystery is both solved and comes again in every moment. There is always more to know and question.

All in all, for me, Truth is being in the mystery of life and living with it in trust and faith. Letting go and living in faith with and as the mystery is the most freeing thought I’ve ever had. It frees me to live as and in the Unlimited Universe and all the possibilities therein. I don’t have to “understand and explain” everything. I can live in the question and be okay with it. In fact, I can be at peace.

One thought on “Sitting in the Mystery of Truth

  1. Well written Rita! Yes, everyone has their own world, their own reality. Their own truth. How would you know when you are in the truth? It is a continuous growing process. Each person to get there will realize and say “Ah now i understand.” It can be a minor or major aha moment. How would you know? By overcoming your fears and the ‘real you emerges’.


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