Exercising Intuition – Our Sacred Muscle

Do you use your intuition? Some people confuse intuition with gut feelings and psychic ability. Intuition is God/Source knowing Itself in us, through us. It doesn’t reason or question or look to the outside for answers. Intuition just knows. We all have intuition. We all could know everything in every single moment if we would just allow ourselves to do so.

Intuition is not something we can borrow from someone else. It is our own consciousness, and it is unique to us. We might think we can rely on someone else to tell us who we are or what we should do about life, but this is fleeting. It doesn’t give us lasting peace. We cannot borrow what someone else knows. We must know for ourselves.

Bring a question to your mind right now? Maybe it’s something you’ve been trying to figure out for a while. You need an answer. You’ve been thinking about it, but the answer seems to just escape you. Bring it up now. Where is the first place you go for the answer? More than likely I would guess that you go to what has happened before or you are trying to figure it out from what is available to you in the world of form. However, this is not where the true answer can be found. Temporary answers might be found here, but the true answer, the one that will last, that will bring peace, is found by turning away from everything on the outside and going within. It comes from knowing and accepting that the answer is right where you are. It comes from accepting that you already know.

As you let this idea permeate your mind, as you accept that you are Infinite Intelligence, as you accept that Life thinks through you, the answer has to come. It doesn’t come by concentration, but with ease and grace and acceptance. Infinite Life knows all. It has no beginning or end. It contains all time, space and wisdom as now.

Let your mind dwell in that space, letting go of what could have been or might be, the answers are here right where we are.

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