Be Careful What You Ask For…

Remember that saying, “Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it… .” It’s true, but you don’t always get what you ask for; you get what you need before you ever get what you ask for. Deepak Chopra said that this morning in his daily meditation series. “The Universe doesn’t work according to a wish list. The Force of evolution unfolds through an unrestricted vision, bringing us what we actually need, not our next ego demand.”

We are always expanding in consciousness, even when unaware. We bring into our lives those experiences that serve that expansion. The more Self-conscious we become, the more we bring higher and higher experiences in to assist us in our progression. If we can perceive all experiences this way, we are more likely to learn the lesson needed on the journey.

Unfortunately, pain seems to be a great teacher for many of us. We have learned throughout the ages through suffering. Oprah even said it this morning, “Pain, come in and don’t leave until you’ve taught me what I need to know.”

I’ve had plenty of pain in my life, as I am sure many of us have; however, when will we take a different turn? Ernest Holmes, my great teacher, said, “The world will soon realize that it has learned all it can through suffering…”

I wonder when this day will come. There is an awful lot of suffering in the world today. Just turn on the news or even look at your own community.

I believe the Universe is Good. The Universe isn’t striking out at us and dolling out suffering. We are the ones asking for it. In a strange way, it is the Universe’s gift that forces us to open our eyes, if we will. The trouble is sometimes we refuse to open them. We’d rather blame it all on “them.”

There is an answer. It is to love more. It is being open to all the lessons and welcoming them as teachers. It is finally loving ourselves and others so much that there will be no more room for suffering. A house divided against itself cannot stand. Love will leave no room for suffering, as we begin to take responsibility for our place in the world and to live compassionately for all.

If you are living a life with an intention to express your True self, you won’t have to be careful about what you ask for. You’ll get exactly those things which assist you in living that intention. Knowledge of the True Self, followed by Intention will get the Universe’s attention faster and produce a conscious, loving life for all of us.

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