His Name is Patrick Feren

I am so blessed to share my life with a man named Patrick Feren. Today, May 2 are celebrating the day this amazing man was born. He has blessed the world with his gigantic Spirit of love, compassion, protection, creativity, humor and childlike wonder.

I met Patrick in 1997 while living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He had an acting studio there and I was his student. I soon became his assistant and friend. The rest is history.

What did I learn from him back then? He gave me a confidence and a regeneration for my love of acting and life. I’d studied for much of my life with teachers who thought criticism and harshness was the way to make you a better actor. Patrick had the opposite approach. He made us laugh at our mistakes and focused on our strengths. He shared the power of belief in our dreams and made us feel like anything was possible for us, even Hollywood careers. I’d lost my zest for many things back then. They were reborn the day I met Patrick.

We, his students, traveled to L.A. with him on an amazing one week field trip. Because of him, I moved to L.A. in pursuit of my acting dream, which led me to my life’s purpose – ministry.

Patrick and I have always shared our love and passion for acting, directing, writing, teaching and now ministry. From the day we were married in 2001, we said to each other, “Please promise me you will change.” I believe we were put together to grow together toward a vision. We were already part of each other and didn’t have to prove that to each other. We knew we loved each other.

I am grateful to have this glorious gift of being Patrick’s partner and wife. He makes sure I laugh at myself when I become too serious. He loves a good adventure, whether it is putting up a theater production that no one else would attempt on their own, moving to a strange land or building a ministry from nothing. I am a singer and I always knew that someday I would have a partner to sing with. Here he is. Patrick and I are constantly on the road to adventure filled with the Spirit of Creativity.

We’ve been through hard times and he’s always kept the air light and full of fun even in the darkest times. We never had a doubt we would be just fine through the thick of it.

What do I know for him this 59th year? Well,  I know that the Power and Presence of God, Love and Light flows through him. I know that whatever his heart desires is already here. I know wealth and health and joy in everything he does. I know that all the great ideas that are brewing in that great mind have all the support to bring them forth into form. I know that he is loved and loves in even a more expansive way. I know there is no limit to what he accomplishes on this earth plane.

I am grateful for the day Patrick Feren was born. He is the Light of my life and lights the path of our journey together. I know that the world is more blessed every day because of his love and compassion and wisdom. I know that wherever there is sadness a little bit of Patrick is there to make sure that humor is felt and comes forth.

I love you Patrick Feren and I am so grateful that we found each other in that southwest desert, and that we had the courage and audacity to follow the unexpected path ahead of us, to see it through and to be willing to change when necessary.

Happy 59th Birthday! You are a blessing to the world!

3 thoughts on “His Name is Patrick Feren

  1. Dear Patrick, Rita and I met when she played Golde to my Yenta in “Fidder On The Roof”. We were both living in Albuquerque at the time. It was love at first sight. We became friends and that love and friendship has grown through the years. We shared the stage again, and during that time I realized that Rita was missing something in her life. I remember, Patrick, when she told me she was taking classes with you. She introduced us and I knew immediately that she had found what was missing. We are so happy that you came into Rita’s life, and we are so blessed you came into our lives.


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