I Live in the World of My Vision

“I Live in the world of my vision.” This was the final affirmation given to us by Deepak Chopra and Oprah in their meditation series, “Hope in Uncertain Times.” This is so in sync with the Science of Teleology that I spoke of yesterday at CSL Kaua’i. It is the Law of Caue and Effect, spoken in a different way. As I place my intention into Universal Law, I understand that each and every event was caused by that intention.

However, if I have no intention, no vision, then what? I am living in a haphazard world where anything can happen, a world where I see everything as “just happening to me.”

I do not live in such a world. Times might be uncertain, but I am certain of one thing. Whatever is happening, I have a choice as to how I live in those times. If I live in the world of my vision than I must have a vision. If I do not, I am living in someone else’s vision for me.

As I go through my day today, I realize that I am always visioning, which for me is the same as intending. Whether it is what my day is like, or my conversation with someone, or how I will digest my food, I am visioning. There is no big or small to visioning. It is like breathing; I can do it consciously connecting with each breath or I can go on remote. I choose to be conscious.

I choose to live in a world where I know my wholeness and unity with all of creation. I choose to know that I am allowing the Spirit and Presence of Love to move through me and that everyone and everything that is here in my world is a reflection of that. There are no mistakes and EVERYTHING that shows up is part of my vision.

I live in the world of my vision. Thank you for being part of my vision. You are valued and loved wherever you are.

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