What’s Your Vibrational Rate?

Have you taken your vibrational pulse lately? I am asking myself this question, especially after a week such as the one I have just experienced. There has been a death, a terrible accident and several other crises all within a seven-day period. I am in a position where I hear everything that goes on in our community and am often called upon to assist. I am grateful for this part of my life. It is my calling. However, I must ask myself: what is my vibrational pulse?

As we experience crisis and death, it is easy to fall into a state of morbidity. However, that state is not of assistance to anyone at all. Please do not confuse morbidity with caring. There is a difference between morbidity and compassion and empathy – a BIG difference. Compassion and empathy call us to weep and assist and be a presence of love. Morbidity causes us to dwell on the conditions and lament the outcome that might or might not be. Morbidity is a dangerous companion, as it is filled with worry and doubt and lack of faith. It is anchored in the world of conditions that offers those suffering nothing at all but more of what they may be feeling. It’s like the Bible says, “If the blind shall lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.”

Some people think that a lack of morbidity is a lack of interest. Some think that it means that we do not care or think that things aren’t really as bad as they are. Some think that those of us who do not practice morbidity are in denial. This is so far from the Truth.

Practicing and staying in a state of morbidity lowers our vibrational rate. We become susceptible to more negativity and everything else that pulls us and everyone else down deeper into a morbid state. Morbidity is not love; morbidity pulls us away from Love.

Fortunately, there is an antidote. It is called compassion. It is called faith. It is called trust. It is Love. That is where we should pitch our tent. As we hold the hand of a loved one in need, as we sit with someone who has just lost someone close to them, if we can be an anchor of faith and love in the silence, we will have been their savior.

I invite us all, with everything going on in the world of form right now, to check their vibrational rate. I am checking mine as much as possible, just like a doctor would take my temperature if I had a fever.

As I raise my vibrational rate through self-care, service, prayer and whatever makes me feel aligned with my Source, so I raise the vibrational rate of those around me. Let us be the change we want to see. It takes time. It takes a change of focus. It takes truly aligning ourselves with our Truth. We are Love and we all have the capability to be a Presence of Love in our world should we choose to be.

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