Girls Climb Trees

I have always been the girl who knew in her heart she could have what she put her mind to. Sometimes, I might have to wait for it, but as my grandma used to tell me, “Good things come to those who wait.” I believed her.

When I was growing up, I loved to climb trees. My dad was always scolding me. “Don’t climb trees! Only boys do that!” I’m not sure where he got his information. I didn’t really listen, and continued to climb trees whenever and wherever I found one.

I continued to live my life as if I could do anything. I didn’t hold back. My life was exemplified by the games I played with my friends. They were games of make-believe that were real to me. I was the head writer. I became any character I chose to become, whether it was a princess, a horse or the The Man from U.N.CL.E. Yes, that’s right I crossed genders and species. My makebelieve worlds gave me joy, excitement and unlimited possibilities. This carried over into my life and still does.

Lately, a picture has been coming to mind. It is me up in a tree at about the age 17. I was looking down at my very first real boyfriend. I wanted him to come up and join me. He wouldn’t. He said something to me. I can’t quite remember the words, but the feeling was “You can’t have ‘everything’ you want!” I took those words in that day on a subconscious level. I bought the idea that you can’t have ‘everything’ you want. It is interesting how our subconscious mind will buy some ideas and not others. Perhaps it is weighed by the feelings we have about the person saying them. Whatever it is, I know we are the ones who have the gate key.

I’ve gone back to that 17-year-old in the tree and I am re-claiming her and re-training her. She’s done really well at manifesting her dreams and keeping a “can do anything” attitude. I congratulate her. In spite of all the naysayers she encountered over the years, she still holds true to her ideal. Now, I am picking up that one little piece and correcting it.

We might not be able to have everything we want, but we can have everything we become. If we want something, we must become it on the visionary level. Things don’t drop out of the heavens. We must catch them and live them. Girls climb trees and become doctors, ministers, millionaires, ballerinas, and truck drivers. There is no limit to what we can be and do.

We might have been trained to be unbelievers, but it is not our true nature, for without belief we cannot exist. We are our beliefs. It’s all made up according to us. We live what we believe. We see what we believe. We are what we believe. We become what we believe ourselves to be.

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