Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory…

Could you entertain the idea for a moment that the word, Lord means Law. It makes perfect sense. We cannot see God or the Force of all Creation. In fact, no one has ever seen him/her. I believe this is because God is a Presence and can only be felt within. God is a personal experience. The Law is the Power that makes everything possible. It is the Power that God uses. “My eyes have seen the Glory of the coming of the Law.”  We only see what the Law does. We cannot see the Law.

Most things in the Bible have been twisted because we won’t use our own hearts to decipher them. We entrust that knowing to people we think are more spiritually aware than us. I believe that we all have the ability to look into the Bible or any other mystical writing and understand for ourselves what everything means if we begin to think in metaphors rather than taking everything literally.

If we were to take every instance of the word Lord and replace it with Law, the Bible would take on a whole new meaning. We begin to understand that when Jesus said, “This too you can do and greater things,” he really meant it.

We are sitting on a Gold Mine or Gold Mind. It is the Power we have to create our lives by using the Power of the Law through the use of Mind. “Thoughts are things.” It’s been stated millions of times by different metaphysicians. How are we spending our thought time? Are we willing to take responsibility for what is happening in our lives? Do we know how great our power of dominion is? We do not have dominion over others; we have dominion over how we use our Mind. Our minds direct the Law on our behalf.

Our minds our like boomerangs. What we throw out, comes back. It comes back in the most amazing ways. Sometimes we love what comes back. “The Law has trampled out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored.” As soon as we change our minds from wrath to love, the Law assists us. Our lives begin to have more loving experiences. The opposite is also possible. It is all up to us.

I know there is a literal Biblical interpretation and history to the Battle Hymm of the Republic. I honor it. However, I am not a literal thinker. I am not a doomsday thinker. I am a mystical thinker. I am open to new interpretations. I am open to Divine Wisdom. I am open to an ever-changing loving experience. I am open to applying Principle to everything. That Principle that I live my life by is that God is in and through everything and that Law obeys and opens doors where there seems to be no doors. It is glorious to me – the Glory of the Law.

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