I do not know a lot about dancing, but I can only assume that it takes poise and balance for a dancer to dance on point or with toe shoes. One of my nieces studies ballet and I heard that she goes through a pair of toe shoes every month or less. It takes a lot to stay poised and balanced.

In the realm of our thoughts and demonstrations, the same thing is true. We must stay poised and balanced amidst all seeming crisis. Staying poised means that we have set our intention, stated our desires, used our word to affirm our truth and now we are waiting. We are waiting for something to happen that signals to us that all is well.

I believe we must stop waiting. The moment we feel that we are waiting we are saying to the Universe that something isn’t here. If we knew how powerful our thoughts and feelings were, we would just move on. We would stay poised and balanced in our truth and move on. We would follow our intuition and hunches from the moment we said “And so it is” because we would truly know that it (whatever it is) had already occurred and we were merely walking in the demonstration.

Poise and balance is the opposite of worry and confusion. Poise and balance signals to the Universe that we are in faith, that we know all is well. Poise and balance keeps us on point in all our affairs. Nothing can deter us in our belief. We are unwavering. Sometimes it takes a lot of toe shoes and sometimes it takes a lot of nerve to keep ourselves poised amidst it all. As Florence Shinn states, “Faith without Nerve is dead.”

Nerve means we walk clearly, passionately with trust in Divine Right Action at all times. “Be still and know that I am God.” That is true poise and balance.

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