Looking for True Love’s Kiss…

In every fairytale, there is a hero or heroine. This figure lives in the mundane world. It is a world without magic or where dreams seldom come true. Through the course of each story, the character is awakened to his or her true self and after this journey they live happily ever after.

There was even a musical written that was called “Into the Woods,” where we find out what happened after “Happily ever after…” We came to understand that life still goes on and that happily ever after is a continued journey into the self.

This metaphor is carried on in every story ever written. In the end, it is about what we make of our own life not dependent on others, overcoming dragons, finding magic and being awakened by true love’s kiss.

I myself have been under sleeping curses. Any time I am in lack or fear or distress of any kind, I am asleep. True Love’s kiss is that awakening that occurs when I realize that all of these things are illusions. I am truly the daughter of a King bathed in Love and Prosperity. There never was anything to fear. “I am awake!” Buddha said.

In these sometimes challenging times it is even more important to find that hero/heroine within. If we find ourselves in fear or lack or any other thought that separates us from our true nature. We do not need to go looking for Prince or Princess Charming. Remember, True Love’s kiss belongs to each of us now.

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